Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Our busy weekend!

Our weekend was packed full of things to do. On Friday night the girls and I had the pleasure of going over to the Steece's and watching the quads. Don't worry we had help, Suz's sister in law Ashley came with Carter too. Sav was so sweet to the girls but I didn't get any pictures...Hey there were four toddlers and three newborns!!!

Saturday we went and celebrated Lily and Christopher's birthday around the pool. We love going over to play at Dan and Gale's. I grew up with all of them and they are really like my second family.

Aunt Celeste feeding Kinley.
The girls and I have enjoyed spending lots of time with her this week.

I have always loved the water. Not that I will get in the water this summer, not looking forward to swim suit shopping. Anywho, I thought I would at least put the girls feet in the water. It's still a little cool to put them all the way in. They LOVED it!! I thought they would try to pull their feet out but they really seemed to like it.

The girls love Lily, their faces just light up when she is around. I think Lily likes them a little too. Although I don't know how crazy she was when Kinley spit up all over her at church the next day!
Lily "holding" Madelyn. Don't worry I was holding her too. "Aunt" Danelle holding Kinley

I just really like this picture of sweet lil Kinley.

On Sunday I decided that I was ready to really leave the girls in the nursery for bible class. It was a class of four girls but one decided they would rather go with their mommy. I did leave but not before snapping a few pictures.

I was told that they loved it and were awake the whole time. They love singing!!
After church we ran to the mall to eat lunch and buy a present for a wedding shower. I know poor planning!!!! After running back up to our church for the shower the girls were soon passed around and loved on.

Chris and Brooke, We are traveling to their wedding in Atlanta this summer!
We love Leah so much and think she is one pretty cool lady! Can't wait till her and Jim's wedding this weekend. Chris was in Africa with them when I found out I was pregnant!
Ok, I told you we were busy!! After the shower we packed the girls into the van and went and surprised the family I used to work for at their games. It was so much fun. I have missed them so much and was in need of a little loving from them.
I have to say seeing their faces when they realized I was there was worth all the busyness.

L and I

M and I. I can't believe how big he is. I was working for them before he was born!

They LOVED the girls. This is pretty much where they stayed through the whole first game.

K after her game holding Kinley!! I think she looks so cute in her sport goggles!

L was so excited about holding them.
Kinley was not excited in this picture but I thought it was cute.

K and I watching N's game. I didn't get any pictures with him this time.

After the game and lots of visiting with some other friends at their house. (the camera died so no more pictures) We came home and when right to bed. Our Monday was pretty calm and laid back. Just resting up from our big weekend!!



Suzanne said...

sweeeeeeeeeet, precious girls!!! i LOVE the pool pics! LOVE THEM!!! can't wait to play with the girls on thursday. LOVE you!

Corrie Loftin said...

I can't believe how big the twincesses look already! Make them stop growing! :)
They are precious as ever! Love the picture of Kinley look off to the side. Those eyes are to die for!

Kristi said...

I love that picture of Kinley, and the one at the bottom of them together. They are getting so big.