Thursday, October 1, 2009

Housesitting and Kidsitting...whats two more!!!!

Picture Overload! 

Last week we were housesitting and kid sitting for my Aunt and Uncle while they went on a cruise! We used to do this for them all the time before the girls but this was our first time since we had the twins. It takes so long to pack for us to be gone for a week!!!! We always have lots of fun and this time was no different! The girls absolutely love their cousins. I am telling you it is so nice to have kids around to entertain the babies!  

We got there on a Friday and just hung out all evening. Chris shoots football games most friday nights and the big kids were hanging out with friends so me and the girls had girl's night in! 

The Girls playing on the floor! 

They are always kicking each other. Kinley is usually doing most of the kicking! That girl NEVER stops moving. 

Saturday was laid back! It is nice to be at someone else's house because you don't have all the other things to do that you do at your house. We went to dinner with Chris, logan (7th grade), Spencer (5th grade), the twins and I. Let me tell you we got some looks! I think most people felt sorry for us. LOL! 

Sunday was church and out to eat with my parents. Then back to the house for some good ole' Sunday afternoon naps! 

Logan "watching" TV

Chris taking a nap with Kinley. 

The rest of the week was filled with homework and other normal things! 

The new way we started feeding the girls! Bite and then Pacifier! It helps them to remember what to do and not choke. I don't really like food all over the face but here you go!


Madelyn LOVED her older cousins! So did Kinley but no pictures!
The girls seem so big to me in these pictures! My babies won't be babies forever! SNIFF! 

Ok, I know this picture is not good! They all looked like this...or worse. It is getting harder and harder to get pictures of them together. I don't know how triplet and quad moms do it!!!!


We tried using two pack and plays this week. We had just been using one while the girls were still sharing their cribs at home until last time we traveled and put them in one together and it was horrible!!! We decided two was a better way to go. Thank you to the girl's friend Nathan who shared his bed! We will be getting another one soon!
The girls room for the week! 

Kinley always has fingers in her mouth!

Doesn't matter how fussy the girls are bathtime is ALWAYS their favorite 

Me and the boys!

We had a wonderful time like always and can't wait to go back! I will say this though I was tired and it was nice to go back to two!



Kristi said...

I think those pink polka dot outfits look real familiar! I love them!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I can't believe how much they've grown just since the last time you posted pictures! They're so cute! And you must be a super-mom to handle 4 kids :)

Vicky P said...

Isn't there one child missing?

Following HIM said...

FUN!!! Can't believe you guys got stares when going! It seems normal :) The girls are so precious!
Have a great weekend!

Celeste Smith said...

I cant believe it!!! They are SO big! They seem so much older I am SO excited about seeing them in a few weeks!!!