Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Poppy!

A couple weeks ago my dad celebrated his 60th birthday! My aunt had wanted to throw him a party and My mom and I put together the details...Sadly I have NO pictures of the decor and such. We did a 60's theme, it was cute and I think that he really enjoyed himself.

The Birthday Boy! (Poppy)
They have a pool and Madelyn and Kinley wanted so bad to go and play with their big cousins.

Poor Poppy, even on his birthday his hamburger wasn't safe.

Madelyn wasn't as interested in the burger as she was everything else going on but Kinley probably ate a fourth of it!
Chris was busy outside grilling burgers! Man, they were GOOD! I think he was quite hot though after he was done.

The girls finally won and got some time in the pool! Their cousins pulled them around like a train and the girls LOVED all the attention!

Kinley wanted out of her floaty and played with Daddy!

While Madelyn opted for a little homemade ice cream!

After the girls were out of the pool. Emily decided that she wanted to be a baby again and play in the floaty. This kid cracks me up!

Kinley and Ashleigh! I swear I would pay these kids to come and entertain the twins!

We had a wonderful time! Happy Birthday, Poppy! We love you!


Anonymous said...

Looks like our dads have birthday's close together! Just something else we have in common ;)

I can't believe how much M&K have changed since I saw them last! (Love your pink floats! I wish ours had shades!)

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute... I thought you were on your way up here to visit us?!?

Celeste Smith said...

Kinley looks so big in that last picture and eating that burger! Super duper cute!

Anonymous said...

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