Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Homecoming...Oklahoma style

Every year we head to Oklahoma in June for my Dad hometown's homecoming! I remember going most years growing up and the girls have now been both years they have been alive.

Here are the girls last year! Crazy!

Every year there is a parade, It is a VERY small parade but we ALWAYS go. It has all the small town charm you could ever want! It only last about 15 minutes.

Poppy trying to keep the girls cool!

My uncle owns one of the buildings downtown along the parade route so we decided to watch the parade in the A/C. THANK GOODNESS!

Mimi playing with K

It's starting! They had their sirens going, M and K weren't sure about that part. Kinley doesn't really care for loud noises.

I had to run down and take a picture of everyone watching the parade from the window...Ok, and I made sure to grab some suckers for the girls that the people in the parade were throwing.

The girls were much more interested in the suckers than the parade

Our Family's ranch had a wagon in the parade.

After lunch we always head to the Lake for some Bar-B-Que and visiting. Madelyn was much more into it than Kinley, she decided to take a nap.

My family eating!

After lunch we decided to go play at the Ranch for a little bit. Madelyn and Kinley thought this little stagecoach was the best playground. Played in it most of the time.

Alex, the girls 2nd (I think) cousin came to play! He is a week younger than M and K.

Kinley and Alex

We actually got them to sit still for a sec!

Someone gave the girls cups with ice...they thought this was the best ever

It was so nice this year that they could enjoy being there more. They LOVED getting into everything and getting dirty. Mama didn't but they sure did.

Kinley "riding" Sambo

They spent a lot of time like this with Poppy.

My Twin aunts and my twins! Love getting this picture every year.

Over this weekend the girls starting "kissing". One of my favorite things they do.

Madelyn is my little dare devil and LOVES being thrown around.

The girls warmed up quickly to everyone! Which is nice because lately they have started getting pretty shy, especially Kinley.
The Twins with Uncle Ray

If you look closely you can see Poppy and the girls standing up on top. They were watching all the horses. They can't wait to take a ride!

I just loved this picture of Madelyn

We had a wonderful time even if it was SOOOOO hot! I am so glad to get to take my girls there and start making some of the same memories I had as a child.


amy said...

cute cute cute!! how fun!

Hilary said...

Looks like alot of fun and great family memories too :) They are getting so big and cute as always!!

Celeste Smith said...

How fun! They are so loved especially by there Poppy!

The Scott's said...

what a FUN trip!!!

Stephanie said...

What a special weekend!!
Love all the pics!!

Stephanie said...

What a special weekend!!
Love all the pics!!

Anonymous said...

How fun! Look at those rosey cheeks! I remember the "twins" pick from last year! Love that stage coach!!

Hannah said...

Such great memories! They will love looking back at those when they are older.

The Vineyards said...

Thanks for checking out my blog! Your girls are darling! How has babywise treated you?