Thursday, July 5, 2012

Stitch her up!

Well it happened. We had to take a trip to Cook's ER for stitches. UGH! Kinley, bless her heart isn't Ms. Grace. She is err...clumsy to say the least. Both Chris and I commented that we were a little surprised we had made it this far without an ER visit. 

It was Father's Day so we had dinner fairly late and were just making it home when it happened. I called my parents to come get Madelyn, who might have been taking it harder that her sister was hurt than Kinley! 

Kinley was SOOO tired, she slept while her Daddy carried her in!

Happy Father's Day Dada! Hope you enjoyed your day! Chris was seconds away from going to a solo movie before all this happened! I had to keep pressure on her knee to try to stop the bleeding while he drove! It was quite the mess! 

Kinley LOVES her blanket! Thank goodness Mama remembered to grab it!

Let me tell you right, don't walk and buy an iPad! Seriously, such a lifesaver in the waiting room! The IPad more than paid for itself that night!

 Finally in a bed and waiting for stitches. 

Getting Sleepy...They had numbed it with Gel
 Let me brag on my little girl for a minute. She didn't cry AT ALL while they were stitching her up or giving her a shot. The nurses were WAY impressed and asked to video her to show all the big kids (and adults). Everyone in and out called her the girl that doesn't cry!

14 days she had to keep the stitches in! Yikes we had a beach trip planned in the middle of stitches! Let me tell you that was hard letting one 3 year swim and not the other!

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Anonymous said...

Such a trooper! Way to go Kinley!