Monday, July 9, 2012

On the Road again!

Our Summer officially started with our first trip out of town. The thing I have missed the most while I was watching other kids was not being able to head out of town whenever we want! The girls and I love to go go go! We went to visit my college roommate "Aunt Bucket". She has a pool and we had been talking about swimming at "Aunt Bucket's" but then when Kinley got stitches that was out. We had to find lots of different things to do!

I have been thinking about cutting the girls hair for a while, but was scared because the girls were flower girls. I decide to take the plunge!

Madelyn LOVED getting the full treatment...SUCH A GIRL!

Kinley was a bit concerned about it all...They had never had their hair washed at a salon
We used a lot of playing games on phones to keep them looking down. 

I love their new hair cut! I think it really frames their faces, so glad I did it! They love it too. They talk about their hair cut all the time. Plus we can still rock the bow! They wouldn't be Madelyn and Kinley without bows!

Later that day!

We made suckers using jolly fun! You should totally do it. Yummy! (got to love Pinterest)

You unwrap your jolly ranchers and lay it on a parchment paper covered cookie sheet.

Fun way to talk about colors too!
Of course you put one in your mouth while you are waiting!

Put them in the oven at 200 for about 5 really have to watch them! Once they are done you press the lollipop stick and twirl it around to make it stick.

The girls painted new aprons...they really loved doing this.

They get so into painting/coloring

My little chefs showing off their aprons!



If you have aprons you have to make cookies! 
and decorate them...we kept them busy!

We painted some more!

After the suckers had cooled we got to try them out!

We were sad to go but had so much fun! I hope we can come back soon!


Anonymous said...

Soooo cute!!! LOVE the haircuts. And all the fun projects. They are cuties!
Tammy ( an identical twinner);-)

Janet said...

Love their new do's! So cute! They are changing so much!

Miss E said...

their hair cuts are so sweet. You're my kind of lady, keeping busy w/ numerous crafts & activities! Go momma!

hannah said...

they are getting so big and are still SO cute!! And those haircuts make them look so much alike!