Monday, September 10, 2012

Party till ya drop!

Last weekend we were invited a wedding and party. We were lucky enough to get a kid free night to go to the wedding of some GOOD friends! Congrats Tom and Jill, it was beautiful! I really NEVER get to actually go to a wedding with Chris, usually he is working them. (taking pictures) It was so nice to have someone to sit by ;) I have no other pictures of the wedding but they had photo booth (LOVE THAT) and people drawing caricatures. SO FUN. 

nice to have someone to be a dork with!
 The photo booth keep me away for all the food so I wouldn't cheat on my diet! ;)

I don't even know how to comment about this picture!!! Chris is a bit of a creeper!

The next morning the girls and I headed to our dear good friends REESE and RILEY'S birthday party! I mean how can you pass up a pinkalious and purplelious birthday party!!!

Amy always throws a good party...LOVE YOU Soul sista!

Hanging with some of our favorite sets of twins and their families! 
 Madelyn playing with her friends and R and R's daddy! 
They even had Pink and Purple popcorn...
 Playing in the "photo booth" 

We had a blast partying it up last weekend!! We also got to dog sit that weekend and the girls are CONSTANTLY begging for a dog now.  We have decided we will just became official dog sitters because that way the girls never get tired of playing with the dog!!! That will work, right?!?!?!


amy said...

CUTE pics of you and Chris!! Love them! So glad y'all came to R and R's birthday party. :) Love you too, Soul Sista!

Da young Neun said...

haha, i love your funny pics with your husband!

Anonymous said...

Your 3 1/2 yr article did not post or something like that. I have been anxiously trying to read it to get an update on your beautiful girls.