Monday, September 3, 2012

First Day of School!

The long awaited first day of school!!! I have been a little afraid of getting all of us ready and out the door in time. Since the girls are late sleepers usually, I worried about them waking up. I did have to wake them up but they JUMPED out of bed because they were so excited! They could barely even eat breakfast they were so pumped!!

My Sweet girls, where has the time gone.


I know someday they will seem tiny in these pictures when they are older but today they seem so big!


Walking in with their stuff. They are so proud!

Waiting for the teachers to let us in!

They look so little carrying their backback (lunch box inside) and napmats. 

We are so lucky to be going to school with some of our besties...So GLAD we run into them to get this picture!
Savannah, Kinley, Drew, Ethan, Madelyn, and Ben! Love those kids!
The teachers wanted us to drop off the kids at the door and leave. I know it helps with separation but this was the only pictures I got of the girls. Kinley's classroom was first!

Madelyn was next!

The verdict...THEY DID SO GOOD, walking in. I had been warned that at least one would melt down. Neither girl did. They walked in like champs. I was so proud of my little 3 year olds! 

I was off to enjoy Target all my myself! Seriously people I can probably count on one maybe two hands that I have been able to do that!! Especially on a week day in the middle of the day. Awww, so quiet! Wonderful! Then off for a little pampering with Auntie Suz! Perfection! 

I was feeling SOOOO proud of my big girls they got a prize for the car when I got them...Thank god for the dollar spot at Target!!
They were excited for me to pick them up but seemed very excited about school! Each teacher said they did great!!! Kinley's teacher said she was very outgoing (which she is but not at first and I was worried since Madelyn wasn't there) Madelyn's teacher said she was so sweet and you wouldn't know she was even a twin! I was so happy that they did well.

Might be my favorite picture of the day...After school hugs!

Kinley after school by her blurry. Wish Daddy could have come for pictures!


The girls at school. I asked them each questions about the first day. I wrote down exactly what they said. I might do this every year. 



The girls are more than ready to go back! Such a blessing that everything went so well. This school seems perfect for us!


Jenna said...


My name is Jenna. your kids are a special miracle from god, a gift from above, earthly angel. Your kids are full of happiness, life, smiles, joy, fun,love, and spunk.

I was born with a rare life threatening disease, and have 14 other medical conditions, and developmental delays.

I wrote this poem
Each of us are Special
Each of us different,
No one is the same
Each of are us are unique in our own way,
Those of us who have challenges, we smile through our day.
Those who of us who have challenges, we smile through our day.
It doesn't matter what others say
we are special anyway.
What is forty feet and sings? the school chior

Bea said...
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Anonymous said...

Liz, I'm Trish Boyko from Victoria, British Columbia. I've been following your precious girls for some time and am sure I found you on Steece's Pieces. Normally I don't comment since I don't have my own blog nor my own set of multiples.
Today I have to sort of figure out how to do this, Bea's comment has me dumstruck with her gall. Sooo, Bea dahling...what the heck business is it of yours whether one of the kids has a gummy smile? If there is a problem I'm sure their family dentist will address it without interference from you. What the heck business is it of yours how Liz dresses HER daughters? You just worry about your own kids and never mind pushing your own opinions on others. Capiche? Actually my brother and sister-in-law have twins and they're always dressed alike for the simple reason when out and about it's so much easier for mom to keep an eye on an outfit rather than a face.
Liz I read a few posts ago where someone criticized your smile but neglected to mention how beautifully your eyes light up when you smile and I see the same joy in the girls eyes. I can see so much of you in them. When I see a picture of you it's your eyes that grab my attention. Your whole face lights up and I find your smile very beautiful.
I guess when you write a blog less than desirable people are bound to come by and spew their crap at you. I just wanted to let you know the obliviot's (defines a person who is oblivious to the fact they're an idiot)opinions are their own and very much the minority.

Anonymous said...

Oh Liz...I see you deleted Bea's comment while I was writing mine. Perhaps you'd better delete mine too since it's a direct response to hers.

Elizabeth said...

Trish, I would love to leave your comment if you don't mind. I appreciate it soooo much!Seriously very sweet comments!!!! Thanks from the BOTTOM of my heart!

Da young Neun said...

The "After school hugs" photo, and Kinley's answer: " Yes, but I want to be in my sister's class". Just melt me! :)


Anonymous said...

I loved loved the questions part. So creative. Girls looked cute as always. Love yall

Kerry said...

Aw, they looked like they had fun! Love your blog and your sweet girls!

Celeste Smith said...

What cuties! How can they even be old enough?! Glad they had a good day! Target alone is fun and dangerous! Love you lady!