Monday, December 31, 2012

fall...cue the sickies!

Written a while away...

Basically since Halloween the girls have been sick. Seriously, we had plans 4 different weekends and they were all canceled due to sickness. Stomach bug two weekends, colds which lead to ear infections, and strep. I have given our doctor so much money in the last two months! In between Chris has had two upper respiratory infections.

We had to cancel Thanksgiving (the weekend before) with Chris' family, they were all supposed to come to our house for Thanksgiving and Madelyn got Strep.

Madelyn loving on her Daddy when she was sick
Right Before we found out she had strep

The next day Kinley started acting sick so we took her in to see if she had strep...NOPE, a virus!!!

But the night before actual Thanksgiving some friends of ours had come into town. We got to sneak away for dessert after the girls were asleep. When I got home I had some last minute things I was making for Thanksgiving dinner. Around 12 Kinley came into the kitchen and said she had a bad dream. I didn't know what was wrong but I could tell she was restless and didn't feel well. I gave her some Tylenol and we kicked Chris into the play room bed. She was RESTLESS the entire night. Neither one of us got much sleep. Around 4 she woke up crying. "my ear hurts, my ear hurts" I checked for fever, nothing but neither of my girls usually run a fever with an ear infection. I gave her more medicine and after about 45 mins she finally fell asleep watching cartoons. When she woke back up her ear was was gross. I couldn't figure how are we going to see a doctor on Thanksgiving.  Once she was up and playing she seemed fine. I figured ok we can wait till the day after to see the doc...BOY was I wrong. 20 or so mins later she started crying and her ear had gotten much worse and was a little bloody. We quickly packed up and headed to the Minor emergency clinic. Ever been to a place like that on Thanksgiving...its bad. Everyone there is pretty much dying, Chris the freaks over germs was just about to die. Ok, It wasn't just him ;)

Basically she had a horrible ear infection but there was so much fluid in her ears he couldn't even see past all of it to see her ear drum. Put her on some pretty good drugs and sent us home. Yes, she still has her tubes. Actually her ear didn't seem to get better but get worse till the next morning when all of the sudden it got tons better.

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Da young Neun said...

Poor little girls =(
My son was in a terrible cold recently. But nothing like a good medicine and the love of a mother. I hope your girls get well soon.