Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas fun!

Ok, slowly getting back to normal from the Holidays! Really trying to get caught up! The girls are so fun at this age with everything Christmas! We really tried to do as much as we could in between all the sick going around.

Since the girls are in school twice a week, we got to have a Christmas program this year! As soon as I walked in and saw the stage I got nervous that the girls would be on different sides (since they are in different classes) and we wouldn't be able to see both. I was wrong they were one row apart. I asked the teachers after school if they did that for me and they didn't they just ended up that way.

Sorry these pictures are not all that good, I cropped out all the other kids.

They both did really well and sang, danced and clapped! I will say though that Madelyn kept turning around to see what her sister was doing, again made me realize how putting them in different classes was such a great idea!

Madelyn kept waving at Chris and I 

Daddy was taking pictures at a Starbucks Christmas party and got a few of the girls drinking hot chocolate for the first time.
Yes, she has a bit of a cake pop on her teeth...can't say no to free cake pops! 

They don't get sweets that often now so they still talk about their hot chocolate. Every time we pass a starbucks! Man those girls can find a Starbucks! That isn't our fault at all! ;)
My mom always has Christmas events going on at the Library during the Christmas Season. The girls and I went to the Mayor's Christmas Party they were having. Lots of fun with the cast of Annie singing a song, the major and other reading books, and sweet treats!
The Major reading Twas the night before Christmas in Texas. 

Seeing the book worm! 

We even got our picture with the major. Madelyn was crying, don't remember why! 

Lots of fun stuff this Christmas! This was just the first week of December!

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Janet said...

Your girls are adorable! Can't believe how big they are getting!