Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Big 4 year old room!

Ok, so I am way behind...but what else is new. I'm going to stop feeling guilty and get done what I can. ;)

  So since the girls were sick on their actual birthday I had to flip my ideas around a bit. I had decided to not have a HUGE party this year already (but DO NOT worry I actually think the girls got more partying in this way) I wanted to redo their room instead and we are planning a big Disney trip this year. We sent the girls to school to celebrate with their classes while we did all the hard work ;).

My BIG girls!
My awesome cousin made this cookies for them to take...THEY LOOKED AND TASTED AMAZING!
I didn't tell the girls ANYTHING about getting a new room while they were gone. We were having a little party with grandparents, cousins, aunts and Uncles. I locked their door so everyone could watch them see it for the first time. Our parents all chipped in some too for their big girl room. I have video of the girls but I have no idea where it is...They actually didn't react the way I expected at first. They seemed scared but quickly warmed up and asked us to leave so they could go to sleep...yeah that part wore off! 
All Finished! I love the way it turned out! 

 It was cuter when they were in cribs but here was the toddler room
 I had this great idea I didn't want closet doors...ha, that was until they were bigger. They were constantly into everything!
I painted their dresser.

 Kinley's Bed

Madelyn's Bed
I made the letters and my college friend Amber made that sign when the girls were born. 
The girls first night in their big girl beds! They look tiny in their big beds!

The girls still love their new room and love to make their beds! It is still surreal walking into their room and realizing that we now have girls that are big enough for twin beds! It was a little hard for mama to get rid of the last bit of baby we had left...tear!


Jennifer said...

Love it! So cute! That is the same quilt I want to get for Emily's big girl bed...which is also coming way too soon.

Janet said...

Love it! You did a great job!