Friday, April 5, 2013

Valentine's Day!

The girls were luckily feeling better for Valentine's day! They had school that day and lots of fun at Valentine's  day parties! I took all these with my Iphone so pictures are lacking :/

The girls have been practicing their letters. So I had them write their names...well I wrote in pencil and they traced it with marker. 

Kinley writing her name!

 Madelyn writing away...

Since we have had lots of issues due to the girls "preemie teeth" I didn't want to send candy, I figured they would get enough at their party. We went with Goldfish..."I'm glad we are in the same school"

Thank you Pinterest for the fun idea but that was a lot of of Valentines for two classes!

I had a blast at their parties getting to see them interact with all their friends away from their sister. I'm sure I have said this before but it has been an ABSOLUTE blessing to have our girls in two classes. I am SOOO glad we did it from the beginning, they don't know any different.

Sweet Madelyn.

 My girls out on the playground together for a spilt second. Their teachers say they LIGHT up when they see each other...Every one in Madelyn's class call Kinley "Sissy". I think they think that is her real name. Madelyn pretty much only calls her that. 


All their LOOT...

Don't worry mommy didn't get left out! 


scdnkrd said...

Hey...I recognize those cool Minnie placemats!

Janet said...

Love those valentines outfits! So adorable!

Jenn P said...

your girls are just adorable! I've been thinking about separate classes for when my boys start kindy in 2 years. I'm thinking it's the way to go. ~Jenn