Friday, November 22, 2013

Fireworks go boom...

Our fourth of july started off fantastic and actually on the 3rd of July. We headed out to Light up Arlington with our friends! It was CRAZY packed, over 40,000 people!!! Tons of fun stuff to do while waiting for the firework show. Concert, food and inflatables. What's better than that!!?! 

Ms. Maddie Moo 
 Kinny Koo not far behind
 Landry and Madelyn climbing up
 Mrs. Nicole wearing the girl's bow with Kinley!!! 
 Our party spot!
Our friends! 
That however was where the fun ended sadly...We were sitting enjoying the show. Chris and I were each holding a girl in our lap. I actually remember thinking how lucky we were to live in a town where we have professional fire works. When out of no where I felt something like powder fall on me and Kinley start SCREAMING. Not a scared screaming, like I have been hurt screaming. All the lights around us were turned off because of the show. So lots of adults trying to dig out cell phones for lights. We finally figure out she was hit by a firework. Just our luck out of 40,000 people we are the lucky ones.

This DOES NOT do the bump justice at all...

This is what we found that hit her...Yep! CRAZY

So I walk around not having much luck on finding anyone that could help or point us in the right direction for a medic. My parents were there but not with us, I call my mom because she works with the city and I figured she could help. We finally find the medic and get checked out.  

Chris and Madelyn waiting for us to come back from the medic. So worried...;)

 LONG story we decided to head to the ER. I mean she got pelleted in the head with a professional firework. Chris and I head to the ER and my parents took Madelyn home. ...Ok, so as a mom of twins or a mom to 2 children I don't get a lot of alone time with one child especially with Chris and I. Pretty sure the only time this happens is when they are hurt and at the ER. I think Kinley thought she was special because she was getting two on one didn't hurt that we were letting her get whatever she wanted from the vending machine and didn't have a sister to share it with. 
We didnt get home till about 3 in the morning so we missed the parade this year.

After sleeping in on the 4th, We went to my uncles for our annual family lunch. I took this one picture...
Then we headed to the Steeces to hang with our BFF's for the evening. 

THE DIVAS!!! Such sass...

Just for fun from last year

This was a bittersweet day it was the last day we all hung out at the Steece's old house. I think I feel more sentimental than them! 

We are so lucky to have friends that love our kids like their own, even if it means letting them "beat them up" :) Good ole' Uncle Col.

Our crazy bunch
I love having a photographer for a husband sometimes. I love these next photos of Collin playing with fireworks.

 Love that little Ethan, even if I missed half of the fireworks because of his crazy hat!

Auntie Suz with all of the little ducks following behind
Few more photos of the swing set the last time they got to play on it. Kinda makes me sad looking at it now.
Minus the firework thing it was a great day. Kinley seems to be scared of fireworks now though and doesn't even want to go to DisneyWorld now because they have fireworks :(

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