Friday, January 3, 2014

Soccer days!

This year we decided to try our first organized sport. It was so fun to watch them in a team sport. Plus they were super cute in the uniforms. ;)                                                                                      

Madelyn's "soccer" picture

 Kinley's "soccer" picture

 Their was a interesting group of soccer players! I mean what group of 3 and 4 year olds aren't interesting running around a field chasing a ball. Trust me it was always a fun show to watch!

My little soccer players...aren't they so cute?!
 Got to play with our best friend Carter!!!! LOVE THAT BOY! 

 Madelyn waited all season to be goalie. Kinley had gotten to the first game and you can imagine the sibling rivalry that caused! She did keep out 1 or 2 balls and was pretty proud of too!
 Madelyn was by far the littlest on the team. Even though she is four and their were 3 year olds on the team. She had a hard time keeping up
 Sweet Kinley girl was doing especially good the last game. She almost scored a goal. Trust me that was a huge improvement!

                                          One the best things about soccer, it wore them out!!!!

 Pretty sure their favorite thing was the snacks ;)
 We had our own little cheering squad several games. It was so cold this day. We left the house in 70 degree weather and the temp dropped over 20 degrees. Luckily I had nap mats in the car!

Overall the girls made no goals but so fun to watch them. They loved it and keep asking when they can play again.

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