Monday, January 19, 2009

The list!!!

Well everything over at the Tarrant household is great! I am going to be 31 weeks tomorrow and I am huge! Well, I feel like I look huge and thats what people keep telling me. I thought since I don't have much to update about. I would make a list of things I love and don't love about being pregnant. Mostly for me so I will remember...

5 Things I love about being pregnant

Feeling the babies kick!

Watching Chris feel them

When others get to feel them move (people I know)

Not saying anymore "does this make me look fat". Cause I pretty much can't wear anything that doesn't make me look huge.

Knowing that I get to see them in a few weeks

5 things I don't love about being pregnant

Always having to pee even if I just went.

Not sleeping.

I miss laying on my stomach.

Nothing ever sounds good to eat.

Always worrying that the babies are ok.

I know I left things out but I have wanted to make sure I have written things like that down. My good friend Suz bought me a book called the Belly book when I first got pregnant.

I have been really good about writing in it so far. I reread some of it last night I have already started to forget the way I felt at first. I was SOOOOO sick all the time. Ask Chris, I was not a happy camper. EVERYTHING made me sick. I lost like 10 pounds. (not that I am complaining about that) I guess it's true you really do forget. Anyways I am so glad that I have that book so years from now I can look back and remember.



Ashhog said...

You are so close!!! I have the belly book too! It will also be nice that you have this blog! I just got mine made into a book and it is SO cool! Anyway-praying for you! You're almost there-hang in there! :)

Ronda said...

Hi Liz! I just found your blog through another blog I read, and I thought I'd say hello. I'm exactly one week ahead of you and pregnant with twins as well (we don't know their genders). I was 32 weeks on Tuesday. (You and I have something else in common as well but I can't share that info. until after our babies are born). Congratulations on your pregnancy. I hope your baby girls are doing well and will be comfortable in there a little while longer. :-)

Suzanne said...

LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOOOOOOVE YOU! you look beautiful and i'm so proud of you!

Following Him said...

Love the top 5s! Suz got me onto your blog and you look amazing!!! Hang in there :) In a few weeks, you'll be a mama of two!

We are the Smith Family said...

Sounds like you are doing exactly as you should be at this point...reading your 5 likes and dislikes reminded me of my pregnancy! I saw you in a pic on Suz's look great!