Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Baby Weights and being sick.

This weekend I was sick! Chris and I both woke up sick on Thursday. Sore throats, coughing, and stuffy noses. Chris could take medicine and I really can’t so I think he starting feeling better faster. I still don’t feel good actually and really wish I could start feeling more like myself…whatever that feels like now.

Sleeping has gotten much harder this last week. Last week and through the weekend I was averaging about three hours of sleep a night. I have watched A LOT of movies. The last two nights I have actually slept till about five in the morning. I was so excited to sleep that long!!! How sad!

Monday I had a ultrasound. Both babies are laying transverse still. They looked much bigger and Kinley was facing out so we could see her face. We only got a glimpse of Madelyn’s face. They told us that Madelyn has hair for sure. It’s so crazy that they can tell. Kinley weighed 3 pounds 15 oz and Madelyn weighed 4 pounds 4 oz. They said things look great! I was a little worried about the weight differences but the doctor said that it is fine. It’s amazing to think I have that much baby in my tummy. Although I do look like I have that much in there. I am 32 weeks today and we can’t believe before too much longer we will have little two baby girls.



Stephanie said...

Hope you are starting to feel better now!
Sounds like those girls are doing great!

We are the Smith Family said...

Wait till you hold them....and then you think...how in the world were these in my belly!