Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pictures Post...Pedi's and Baths.

We are all doing good just settling in to all being at home. We are tired most of the time but it's well worth it. My mom has been so helpful with the girls and stuff around the house. I don't know what I would do without her.
We took the girls to the Pedi for the first time the other day. They are both gaining weight and she said they looked great. We go twice a week for weight checks just to make sure they continue gaining weight. Madelyn weighs 5.8 and Kinley weighs 4.15. I can't believe how big they are getting. 

The twins waiting for pedi to come in.

Madelyn trying to hide
 from the camera 
She was not to excited about the doctor's office.
After the appointment we had baths. The girls do not know if they like their baths too much. I think they are cute though. 



Tomorrow Kinley has a hip ultrasound because they think she may have a loose hip. If she does she will just have to wear a little brace for a while. They both had one in the NICU but only Kinley has to have a follow-up. 



Linda Frances said...

I just posted tonight on my blog about your girls - with a link from that post to your blog - I hope to come over soon - will have to be on a weekend. See you soon, Linda

Following Him said...

They both are mighty cute in their towels! Adorable and sweet girls!

Stephanie said...

So adorable!! Good luck at the doctor!

Anonymous said...

Hey its Celeste!
I am so excited to know I can comment on this thing without getting a blog.
I am praying that the hip ultrasound goes well...they are both getting big wow!
I hope you get some rest! Cant wait to see you all again!
Love ya!

Kristi said...

They are precious,sure brings back memories! I think the tiredness last for several months, at least for us, then you kind of get use to being tired all the time! But I agree it is all worth it. I will pray the ultrasound goes well.

Suzanne said...

ugh! can't wait to love on the girls in their home!! super bummed i couldn't make it out today--but SOON!!!! love you so much!

Kerry Lynn said...

I wore a brace on my hip when I was a bably too :-)
My twins didn't like baths in the beginning either!

Corrie Loftin said...

You helped make my week this week and you didn't even know it.. go read my blog for details lol
How are your precious babies doing?

We are the Smith Family said...

Wow lady....so proud for you! I understand about the being tired....but really it is just a permanent state of mind that you will learn to live with and enjoy.....it is called motherhood. I am tired most of the time but wouldn't trade it for nothing! The bath time did take some getting used to for us and even my Maddy doesn't enjoy it everytime......I also found it helpful to bath one every other night.....that way it isn't too exhausting on all of us. Have fun with it....HUGS!!!!