Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Walking and hip appointment

It's only been two weeks since the girls came home but I was getting cabin fever so we....went on our first walk!!!! We packed up the girls in their carseats and stroller (Thank you Suz) to walk around the block for about twenty minutes. It was so great to get out of the house even for a few minutes.

First time in stroller and on a walk!!

The three Tarrant girls glad to be out. Well mostly me, they slept most of the time.

Halfway through the walk, Madelyn woke up and Chris pushed and held in a pacifier.

Kinley had her appointment at Cooks to check on her hip this week.

Kinley waiting in her car seat.
No one ever believes us when we say she is a month old.The doctor said that he hears a click but is not sure if it's out of place or not. He wanted us to go to a pediatric radiologist for another ultrasound. She is such a trooper. She hardly ever cries when they mess with her. We will know more next week after our appointment.



Amazing Greis said...

Such cuties. They get more beautiful with every picture you take.

Jill said...

Oh they are just getting cuter. I love watching them grow. I can't wait for our twins to get here....any day now.

Hilary said...

Such cutie the last picture!! :)

Following Him said...

They are just adorable :) Seriously...if I did not read the blog, I would not know they were 1 month old! Adorable :)

We are the Smith Family said...

So good to see you and the girls....I know you are glad to get out and about. It will get easier!!! I have started out with Walmart...then added Target....and now with the stroller and bottle props nothing can stop me. Of course there is no room left in the buggies for major shopping but it will shock you how much you can get on that rack under the carts.

Have fun with your girls!!! Mommyhood is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Liz and Chris, congrats on 2 beautiful babes. I just found your site and had to comment. Hope they are letting you get some sleep.
Suz's Dad