Sunday, March 22, 2009

Last weekend with Aunt Becca and many firsts for the girls!

Last weekend my college roommate and very good friend Becca came into town. She had never met the twins. She actually came into town for my shower the day they were born but had left an hour or two before they decided to deliver them. We were so excited when she emailed and said she was coming.
Kinley on right, Madelyn on left!
Becca and Us!
Kinley is the one that you can't see well.

When she emailed to say she was coming, I told her we don't do a whole lot because we aren't really taking the girls many places yet. Well over the weekend we did lots of new things with the them.
Our first walk in a park!
We loved it however I found out i'm a little out of shape! Ha!
The day before Becca came to visit she was in a bike ride and rode 23 miles. She is not out of shape, I'm sure we were holding her back.
After the walk we took them to a restaurant!
It's a small little burger place that our family goes to sometimes after church.
Our first real experience out in the real world. They stayed in the carseat the whole time and slept.
First time in one of their swings!
It swings kinda fast for them now but they enjoy sitting in it and listening to the music!
We all really enjoyed Becca's visit and were sad to see her go. I hope she can come back soon.

This week we find out about Kinley's hip and if she will have to wear a brace or not. We had weight checks and a shot this week. Madelyn is over 6 pounds and Kinley is not far behind!



Bethany said...

How fun that Becca got to meet the adorable girls. I love the tags you have on their car seats, what a good idea. Sounds like everyone is doing well. The girls are both so tiny and cute!!!

Following Him said...

The girls are just oh so precious! Glad your friend came in town and you all had fun!

Holly said...

The girls are just so beautiful! I loved being with you, Chris, and your sweet babies last Friday! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to share them with us! I will always remember that!!!

Kelly said...

Awww... they are beautiful! Sounds like you are all doing great! Enjoy every moment as this time seems so fleeting!