Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day!

I have felt unmotivated to blog over the last week. I guess because by the time I put the girls down I don't feel like trying to come up with something to say!!! However, I have to do a father's day post for Chris's first father's day!!

Since the birth of our girls Chris has amazed me! He loves those girls so much , words do not describe. They undoubtedly have their Daddy wrapped around their fingers.

The girls and I had not been around Chris the week before Father's day. Chris was shooting a documentary out of town and I decided to pack the girls up and visit some of our best friends that moved about two years ago. (next post) We had a wonderful time but were excited to be with Chris on Father's day. We didn't do anything that exciting just celebrated together at home after church. My dad's birthday always falls around Father's day so we had a cook out at my parent's that night.

We love you Chris and I couldn't ask for anyone better to be the Daddy to Kinley and Madelyn. You are wonderful to all three of us. I know everything you do for us and I might not always say it but I appreciate it all!! I love you!!!!!

On a side note, I was looking at pictures trying to come up with some to frame for his desk for Father's Day and realized that we have very few. I guess that is what happens when he is always taking the pictures. I need to get better about that.

The girls with their Daddy on Father's Day!
They were really tired and don't look to excited


Just another day in the Tarrant household!



Kristi said...

oh my, that last picture is priceless. I remember those cuddling days, and I miss them! Happy Belated First Father's Day Chris!

Amazing Greis said...

LOVE the last picture. Daddy and his resting girls. So cute!

Suzanne said...

happy father's day CT!!!!! you are SUCH a great daddy! and a girl's daddy at that--takes a very special man to be given the blessing of twin girls. they are looking SOOO much alike! but auntie suz will always be able to tell them apart!!! love you so much and can't wait to play tomorrow. ben has been happy and healthy as a little lark today--so, guess the puke was a fluke! ;)

Kristi said...

Hey! The burp rag you saw on my blog was a gift. We got quite a few personalized burp rags and I absolutely love them! You might try to have some made!

Stephanie said...

Great pics!! That last one is priceless!!!

Jennifer said...

Hi there, I just found your blog of Suz's blog, and I am going to start reading! I am not a big commenter, but I read every post. Your girls are absolutely adorable, and I am so glad they are doing well!


Kristi said...

Isn't it time for some new pics of your cutie-pies?!? I'm sure they are growing like weeds!!