Monday, June 15, 2009

Real quick!!!

I was going to post their four month old pictures this morning...but we are going out of town and I already packed the camera! OOPS!! I'm are so excited but I have learned that packing for twins is not as easy as I thought!!!! Anyways I thought I would just post one of my favs from the wedding we attended last weekend. Madelyn and I watching all the wedding's goings on!
In other news my four month old little girls are a little over 9 and a half pounds! I can't believe it. Their Dr. seems pleased with their progress and is taking us off the preemie formula. I am still pumping but not keeping up with the growing girls. She decided that both girls have reflux but is trying only putting Kinley on medicine because we think Madelyn's is not as bad. Alright we need to load up...Wish us luck!!!



Amazing Greis said...

What a great picture! Have a fun safe trip, can't wait to see pictures of the growing girls when you return!

Kristi said...

I love that picture. They are doing good at gaining weight. My 1 year olds are only 15 pounds. Packing for twins isn't that easy, actually it's not hard it just involves packing a ton of stuff. Have fun.

Stephanie said...

Hope you have a great trip!
Cant wait to see the girls 4 mo pics!!

Suzanne said...

awww! precious pic, liddle lady! miss you so much. DATE NIGHT when you get back!!! safe trip and love you!

Ashhog said...

That is such a sweet picture of you two!! Have fun on your trip!