Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The girls new favorite toy!

I was folding clothes today and Kinley started trying to turn the basket over. I decided to put them in it and they actually really liked it. They played for almost 10 minutes...hey that is forever around here!!!!
Their faces are always covered in drool. I promise I had just dried them off!

The girls are starting to really notice each other and like to be together! They are even starting to scream at night unless they are in the same bed!



Anonymous said...

So cute!! Maybe we need to invest in a... laundry basket?!? LOL! I'm amazed that they can sleep together! My girls aren't too fond of even sitting too close to each other!

Kristi said...

Love it! We are huge fans of laundry baskets. They like the sit in them, hide under them, push it, and be pulled in it. Funny how some of the funnest toys aren't toys at all.

Hilary said...

My kids ALWAYS loved the laundry buckets too..they are getting to big...love the tutu pictures too :) So sweet :) Happy Turkey Day they even get too enjoy the yummy spread Mommy and daay makes this year :) How fun!!

Hilary said...

Sorry I can't spell i mean daddy makes :)