Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween...Part two! Picture edition!

I was so excited about Halloween this year! I think because when I was a kid I always remember getting out the box with all the halloween decorations and all the fun we had! I have never really decorated for Chris and I but I thought I would this year. Not that the girls will remember it but oh well! We didn't carve pumpkins this year but the girls did get two little pumpkins from the pumpkin patch we took pictures at. I decided to put their initials on them instead. It turned out pretty cute except that Kinley's pumpkin turned bad pretty quickly.

The girls had gotten a few halloween outfits so we started celebrating a little early!

Kinley in her oh so cool halloween leggings! I got them in the dollar spot at Target!

Ok so this next picture cracks me up! First of all Kinley looks like she is telling Madelyn off and Madelyn looks like she doesn't care at all. Second, I got to go last week with Suz for a much needed night off. I had asked chris to take a picture of the girls in their halloween outfit and this is what I got. You can't even see what is on the shirt! Oh, Daddies!

My aunt gave the girls these halloween socks while I was pregnant! First present after we found out we were having twins! I had to get a picture of them.

Like I had said in my last post, the twins had been sick for pretty much everything else we had planned for the Halloween season. So we were so glad that they were feeling better for Halloween night! Our church always has a trunk or treating and we wanted to go.

The girls sat up like big girls in their stroller for one of the first times!

My little blued eyed girls!

Since Chris is the youth minister at our church, we are usually surrounded by some of the teenagers. Mostly the girls...the boys don't really care about the baby stuff!

I have to say we have some of the best ones around! Great babysitters!!!

Lauren, I am not sure what exactly this is...but she made it herself!
Jesika with Kinley!

I love watching the teenage girls play with the twins. You can see the love on both ends!

I guess it is because we have twins or that when we tell people the girls names (Madelyn) people ALWAYS ask us if we watch Jon and Kate. We don't watch the show. I did but what I know about them now I learn from US Weekly! (thanks, Suz) We decided it would be funny to spoof on that...I know EVERYONE was that this year and it was not original but oh well.

Jon and Kate!
I looked for the "kate" wig but everywhere was sold out!
"Jon" Sporting a little Ed Hardy and check out the bling!
It is a fake earring. He was unwilling to actually pierce his ear or shave his goatee!
More than one person asked if I was the Octomom!

"The Gosselin Family"
Check out Madelyn (in the back) they didn't know what to think of me in my costume!

The other part of our costume.
We borrowed some baby dolls and tied them to our stroller.
We used the girl's preemie clothes and borrowed boy clothes from our friend Carter!

The girls got tired of the stroller and opted to play in the trunk instead of treating!
They loved it!
Madelyn even took a little nap at one point!

We saw lots of very cute costumes. Check out the cutest charlie brown!
Sweet nathan!
We had lots of fun at trunk or treating and can't wait till next year!

Poppy had a little too much fun with the girls costumes! The girls thought it was so funny!



Anonymous said...

You all looked so cute!! Love your hair... hehe! Looks like Madelyn and Kinley had a GREAT first Halloween! Maybe ours will be a little more exciting next year.

Stephanie said...

Wow..you guys went all out! I love it!! You looked great!
The girls are just too precious! They are getting so big!!

Suzanne said...

LOOOOOOOOOVE these pics!!! PRECIOUS! looks like you guys had a lot of fun. and your costumes cRaCkEd me UP! those are the cutest little ladybugs i've ever seen---well done on those costumes, mommy!!! love you! (oh, and those leggings were adorable!- i'm a little partial since i own a pair! haha)

Kristi said...

Super cute! Love the pictures.

Jessica said...

I loved this one liz.. super cute! the babies on the stroller made me laugh. Your dad cracks me up too.:) im glad yall had a good halloween! love you

The McNulty Family said...


Liz.. your costume is HYSTERICAL!!