Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm a little Rock n roll, Your a little bit country!

Ok, so I'm REALLY trying to get caught up before the girls first birthday!!! I still can't believe it!!!

The weekend after Thanksgiving (I told you I was behind) The girls, uncle Andrew and I were supposed to go to Oklahoma and visit my Dad's family. My parents were already there. Uncle Andrew, my brother got sick the night before we were supposed to leave. I decided to go ahead and go. My first trip driving that far by myself with the girls. The way up there went great! When we travel we always plan to go during the girls naps.

Once we got there my mom came down with the same stuff Uncle Andrew had! Needless to say I didn't take a lot of pictures since it's always harder to take care of the girls when we are out of town and mimi was not able to help alot.

I decided to take the girls outside and take a few pictures in their SUPER cute outfits! These are special oneies that our blogging friend sent us! If you read The Hutton House you have seen these before. The Hutton Twins were born about a week after my two. We had them both in our 33 week. I have LOVED getting to watch the Hutton's grow with us! They got bigger faster than us so Kristi was super nice and sent us TONS of clothes that they had outgrown. We are still wearing many of them. We can't wait to met our friends someday! Sorry I digressed!

Without further ado!

Kinley, is a little Rock n roll, Madelyn is a little bit country!

I put them in their Bumbos...they stay put!

They loved looking around outside

Cute baby feet!!!

Kinley, looking around!


Sweet sisters!

LOVE Madelyn's expression!
having a little chat!

Even though we were up there visiting my Dad's family. My Grandpa (mom's side) was up there visiting a friend for their birthday! It was a special meeting since they had not seen the girls since they were in the NICU. They had never held them! Kinley and Madelyn loved meeting their Great Granddaddy and Great grandma Kay!!

Madelyn is with My granddaddy and Kinley is with Kay loving her necklace!

We had a good weekend but we were glad to get back and see Daddy.

THANK YOU SOOOO much for all of you that voted for us!!!!! We didn't win but we were close for sure! You guys are the best!


Celeste Smith said...

I love those lil shirts! I didnt know your grandfather and Kaye hadnt seen them since the NICU! Wow! I bet they were happy to see them again! I am proud of you getting this pics when you were all on your own....I have a tough time with just my one! DANG! I was really hoping you would win!

Stephanie said...

Those shirts are precious!!!
Too bad you didnt win...that pic should have won though :)

julia said...

Oh, girl, I gave up on trying to catch up. There have been so many things I wanted to document on my blog but just didn't get around to it. Around the holidays we were so busy I didn't get on the computer. In January I wrote several Christmas posts and just changed the date so they were in the right order. There is just so much you can get done in a day and sometimes the blog has to go. I am glad you got these pictures posted though, they sure are cute!!

Anonymous said...

Aww!! They look precious in those shirts! So how did you decide which one got which shirt?? I put Alex in the black one because she was a couple of pounds heavier! LOL!!

Hilary said...

Love the pictures!!! Adorable as usual :) I can't believe they will be one soon?!?! Were has time gone? :)