Monday, January 4, 2010

10 months..alot late

Ok so I know the girls are turning 11 months this week but better late than never, right??? Ha, I am saying that a lot lately!!!

So this month we didn't take as many "month" pictures. The day before we had taken family pictures and the girls were just not feeling it much that day.These are also our Christmas card pictures. I will post our family pictures soon, they turned out great and we are so happy with them. I didn't post them before Christmas because they were gifts to some people.


(written earlier this month)
around 15 pounds
size 1-2 diapers
0 to 3 and some 3-6 clothes.
two bottom teeth
size 1 shoe
so independent. If you put a cheerio in her mouth she will take it out and put it in herself. Wow are we in trouble!!!!
says da-da, has said ma ma a few times.
pulls up on crib
good sleeper once she is asleep
crawling everywhere
can get so excited
loves guys
been to the ER ONCE


around 15 pounds, a little less than Kinley
1-2 size diapers
0-3 and 3-6 month clothes
size 1 shoe
says da da and ma ma
more clingy than Kinley
does not sleep as long
loves her swing
no teeth (getting one)
can pull up on crib now
loves animals. gets so excited when she sees a dog

Up next, "aunt" Becca's visit and meeting Santa Claus, going out of town, and Christmas!



The Scott's said...

Your girls are just as precious as can be! And...they are about the same size as Burkley...cracks me up!

Stephanie said...

They are so precious!!
Cant wait to see the family pics!!

Anonymous said...

11 Months this week! Wow... you're right! Loved your Christmas card! Gotta get on that party planning! Hope to meet y'all someday soon ;)

Amanda Jo said...

They are beautiful and getting so big! :)

The Buschbachs said...

What little grown up girls! And I must say...those outfits are flippin adorable!!!! Where did you find them???

Following HIM said...

So much fun! Before you know it they will be one! Soo sweet!

amy said...

what cuties! those hats are ADORABLE!