Saturday, January 9, 2010

"Aunt" Becca comes to town!

When my dear sweet roommate from college and one of my best friends sent me a text asking to come visit for the holidays the girls and I were sooo excited!!! She has come to visit us several times and with most visits brings excitement. Let me explain....Feb 7, 2009 I was supposed to
be having a shower, however I was put in the hospital on bedrest the day before. I called Becca and said don't come I'm in the hospital...She is such a great friend she came anyways! Sadly, I have no pictures of her and I at the hospital. I didn't want pictures, cause I looked and felt HORRIBLE. (I regret that now) Anyways, she left about 30 minutes before the dr said they were delivering me or she would have gone ahead and stayed for the birth.

This time the day before she gets here I had to call her and say "uh, Becca you might not want to come we are taking Kinley to the ER" Ended up getting sent home later that night. I am beginning to see a pattern with her visits, but we like her to come anyways. I just hope it does not continue or we might just have to visit her instead!!!!

Here are some pictures from her last visit (no trips to the hospital this time!!!)

Her Brother James and her mom came with her once and we all had lunch

Becca and I with the girls. Kinley, left Madelyn right!
Look at my itty bitty babies!

On to this trip!
Becca and Madelyn playing in our new "baby jail"

While Becca was here she got the "pleasure" of taking babies to the doctor for weight checks! I can do it myself but wow is it nice to have an extra pair of hands! After that hard of a day we decided to take the girls to meet Santa for the first time.
Let me say if you have a Bass Pro shop close by go see Santa there!
You are guaranteed no longer than a thirty minute wait in line,
a free picture, and $2.99 Digital copy!

Us waiting in line! Forgive Kinley and I it had been a rough couple of days!

Becca and Madelyn playing in line.

First picture with Santa!!!

This is from Chris's camera they looked horrible in the one they took

Us after Santa, and Sadly this was the best picture

Before Becca left she gave all of us presents for Christmas! How sweet!
The girls LOVE THEM!
Thank you Becca for coming and loving on my girls! We love you so much and can't wait to see you for the girls birthday party!!!!


Anonymous said...

Extra hands are always nice :) So how's the "baby jail" working out for ya?!? My girls aren't a big fan of ours!

Elizabeth said...

Ha, yeah mine are not big fans...they are ok with it if we are in there with them which kind of defeats the purpose!

Kristi said...

Looks like they didn't mind Santa too much! By the way we have that same Carter's outfit, brown flower top with pink pants. We always have matching clothes. We should plan a few matching outfits for when yal come visit! That would be a cute picture.

Stephanie said...

How awesome to have such a great friend!
Fun pics!!!

Katey said...

A. I love that you and Becca have stayed so close!
B. She looks awesome!
C. Baby jail is the greatest thing ever. My nephews desperately needed one (and got it), and while they don't always love it, my sister in law does. And she is still sane- so I think that means it's worth it.

FeedingYourMind said...

Becca is a wonderful young lady! What a blessing her friendship is for you and your girls! I too have to agree with Katey and say "I love that you and Becca have stayed so close." It makes me smile reading this blog and see the pictures! Blessings upon all you girls!

Celeste Smith said...

Hey! your blog looks good! I need to see pictures of your new baby jail! Did you pad the floors like you had planed??