Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Weekend of fun!

A Few weeks ago we had a weekend of events with Chris's family. Even Chris's brother, Clint and new wife, Andrea got to come! We started Friday night off with a birthday dinner for his mom. It was a CRAZY day and somehow we forgot to bring the camera to ANY of the weekend festivities. Luckily my mother in law brought hers to the family reunion. Thanks, Belinda for the pictures!

Ok, so the girls didn't do great at the reunion after the eating was done. There was LOTS of story telling and talking going on, and 17 month olds don't sit still for long periods of time. Luckily we were at this awesome church with a great gym and youth room to keep them busy!

Our little family having fun with these crazy rocking chairs in the youth room.

Little Kinley, who is turning into quite the toot lately! Mom, I think I am getting it all back for whatever I did as a little kid with this one!

The girls LOVED playing in the gym with all the balls. They recently learned how to throw and love to play with balls!

Sweet Maddie eating animal crackers. (Since we put Madelyn on Preacid her eating has gotten better)

The twins with Aunt Andrea and Uncle Clint. (Kinley, left Madelyn, Right)

The girls with their Grandma. Happy Birthday!! We enjoyed spending the weekend with you!


Alisha said...

I love their cute little outfits!

Janet said...

Wow they are getting so big! I think Kinley has changed the most. They are still super cute!

Anonymous said...

I knew they were going to look older, but WOW! I think I might be better at telling them apart now! Precious as always... can't wait to see them again :)

Celeste Smith said...

They can't be that big! I don't know if it is their skirts or what but they look like such big kids now! You are at a challenging age...short attention spans and natural curiosity will keep you on your toes!