Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wedding and pigtails

Last month we were at my cousin’s wedding…it was perfect. I love every aspect of it but you know I love a good party and all the details that go along with it!

I wish I could have taken more pictures but the girls were EVERYWHERE making it hard! We actually ran into another set of twins, which is always fun!

44526_844047175770_23932955_44894000_1518782_n IMG_6666IMG_6660 IMG_6667 IMG_6668 IMG_6669

Like I said I LOVED every detail of this wedding…it was just so sweet!

Kinley mean face…we are getting more and more of this! But look at those cute pigtails (our first set)

IMG_6672 The girls LOVED sitting like big girls.


IMG_6679 She looks so big to me in this picture!IMG_6690Both sets of Twins had LOTS of fun taking this flower arrangement apart! IMG_6693

Congrats Hannah and Karl! Love ya!



Anonymous said...

What creative decorations! M&K really do look like big girls! There's no way my girls would have sat in chairs like that!

Isn't it funny that twins seem more prone to getting into EVERYTHING?! I guess it's because they have a partner in crime!

me said...

ooh, I don't know the bride, but her wedding dress is sooo pretty; I wish I could see it from the front!

- Ronni

Suzanne said...

LOVING the pigtails!!!! and hey! the navy polka dotted dress that kinley is wearing---i totally have one for maddie! saw it in the closet this evening---stuck in a "give to liz" pile! ;)

love you!!!!!

Celeste Smith said...

Cuties! I love the pig tails! They are looking like such big girls! They can't turn two in February! Tell them I said it is not allowed!