Friday, September 24, 2010

18 and 19 months!

IMG_6941 WOW, I can’t believe that the girls are 19 months old! I don’t have any idea where the time as gone since the girls turned 1. It is just crazy how fast it goes. These are pictures we took when the girls were 18 months and M and K are getting harder to get pictures of. Especially when their Daddy is taking pictures and can’t help jump around and make them smile with me.

IMG_6942 IMG_6880 IMG_6907 IMG_6915 IMG_6903 IMG_6899


IMG_670018 months

2-3 diapers

some 3-6 clothes and 6-9 month

Size 3 shoes

has 12 teeth

weighs around 17-18 pounds

says lots of words-dada, mama, poppy, mimi, dog, ball, thank you, more, food, water, wow, baby, carter, bubba, sissy and many more. Repeats everything

sleeps with blanket, glow worm and paci

In Speech therapy

Mama’s girl

has enough hair for pig tails

IMG_691819 months

Size 3 Cruisers

mostly 6-9 month clothes

size 3 shoes

12 teeth


OFFICALLY off the paci!!! (blog to come)

around the same weight as 18 months

counts to 3

gives kisses and hugs

loves her sissy most of the time…not all the time

IMG_6913 IMG_6698Kinley


18 months

2-3 size diapers

some 3-6 month clothes and 6-9 month

size 2, some 3 shoes

6 teeth

Says a few things but not a lot.

Weighs 18 pounds

goes to bed with blanket, glow worm, and paci

LOVES her Paci!!!!


19 months

size 3 diapers

Mostly 6-9 month clothes

FINALLY cutting three more teeth and CRANKY

size 3 shoes

Says mama, mimi, pop, ba (ball or boat) wa-wa (water), baby (speech is behind but getting SOOO much better with Speech therapy)

Has enough hair for pig tails

No more paci

On pevacid and vitamins for low iron

IMG_6901 I know that this picture isn’t great but I really wanted one of Madelyn with her blanket…She LOVES her blanket!IMG_6944 IMG_6919 More pictures of the girls! I think lots of them just show their little personalities! Which at sometimes are getting them into trouble. IMG_6730IMG_6818 IMG_6722 Both girls still have their blue eyes! I love it. IMG_6699 IMG_6697 IMG_6893 IMG_6899 IMG_6880 IMG_6710

We had LOTS of out takes…So here are a few!


IMG_6753 IMG_6812


amy said...

FABULOUS pictures- just gorgeous! I love those sweet girls!

Kellen and Becca Farmer said...

Hey! I was wondering why y'all decided to put the girls in Speech Therapy. I have twins also and Avery is talking just fine but Maddux is only saying a hand full of words. I know he understands what I am saying to him so I'm not really worried about him developmentally. Our doctor told me that he might not talk for awhile because his sister talks for him but I would still like for him to talk...What was the process you went through? My email is if you wouldn't mind letting me know.

Anonymous said...
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Celeste Smith said...

I really like the last non out take picture of their little sister feet hanging sweet! They are getting so big!

The Scott's said...

FANTASTIC pictures of your little cuties! They are getting so big!!!

julia said...

Such cute little girls! I love their dresses!

Hilary said...

Awe the pictures are great!! Such cutie pies ;)

Anonymous said...

Those pics are precious! I love the one of K kissing M on the head.

Anonymous said...

LOVE THESE PICS!! They are just cuties! Hope to see y'all next month!

Shelley said...

Beautiful girls! Love the pictures!

Shelley said...

Beautiful girls! Love the pictures!

Janet said...

Your girls are just beautiful! You always have such adorable clothes on them! They are just so cute. I want to squeeze those little cheeks!

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Oh my, they are SO cute! Time goes way to fast, doesn't it!?