Monday, September 13, 2010

Twin Mamas 2010

Over the weekend I had the HONOR of spending time with 4 other blogging twin mamas! It all started a LONG time ago a few of us wanted to copy the quad moms and have a getaway for twin mamas…Hey we ALL need a break right?!?!? I think so! We planned, emailed, and texted for several months getting ready for the big weekend. It takes a while to organize that much babysitting!

We picked San Antonio for our first annual trip. Not to far away in case we all ended up hating each other…ha! So not the case!!!! Anyways Amy (who has quickly become a VERY good friend) and I decided to start relaxing early and went ahead and flew. It pays to shop early for tickets! We left Thursday afternoon and were picked up by Hannah (fellow twin mom who I knew in college) Actually Amy, Hannah and I all went to ACU….isn’t that crazy?!?!

We arrived at the hotel and were soon met by Shelley and Britni. We all hit it off, it was more like old friends than new friends. We went to dinner on the riverwalk and had a great time, eating and talking.

Hannah (2.5 year old twins) Amy (2 year old twins) Shelley (3 year old twins) Me, and Britni (2 year old twins)17

We had a blast every night staying up late and chatting about EVERYTHING!! We decided in the beginning that we were doing whatever we wanted, when we want and how we wanted! Doesn’t happen very much in the life of a twin mom! We went Shopping alot, had pedis and took in a show

Yes, we even went to Target! 15My Wonderful quad Mom friend and owner of Designed for Babies, Casey made us WONDERFUL shirts for our trip. They turned out super cute and I personally LOVED the color!

6 We had a a lot of fun goofing around and just having fun. We were pretty silly some of the time.

Britni and Hannah (see what happens when we have a break!)

Amy and I sporting the pink Cowboy hats!

We all had such a good time shopping during the weekend not pushing or chasing twins!

We also spent our fair share of time at Starbucks!


and walking around the San Antonio getting people to take our pictures!9


Saturday night we went to the Majestic and saw the play The Jersey Boys. We had a blast getting all dressed up for a night at the Theatre.


Out on the town!

Sunday Morning came way too quickly and Hannah had to leave first…It was sad to see one of us go and realize the weekend was coming to a close. Britni was next and Shelley, Amy and I all had a later flight home. We walked around the Riverwalk and went to see Amy’s husband who randomly was in town too for a convention….

Aren’t they cute?!?!


We had such a great time…and even as I sit here writing about my wonderful weekend with four great women I almost get tears in my eyes thinking about my Four new best friends! We shared stories of pregnancy, husbands, and kids and all had crazy amounts of similarities! It was one of the best weekends ever!

Special thanks to everyone that babysat or helped all these mamas get some much needed rest!!! We could not have done it without you!

Thanks to My mom, Ashley and Collin, My Mother in law, Suzanne and Joe, and of course Chris for keeping my two safe while I was away. I was happy to see my two sweet little girls Sunday night!

To Britni, Shelley, Amy and Hannah. I thank God for all of you and can’t wait for next year!


Holly said...

How awesome is that?!? If you could here my voice you might sense some jealousy!

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I'm doing better. If things don't shape up quickly I might be trying the cry it out. It's hard, you know. I made them a promise in the NICU when I couldn't hold them & they needed me to that I would always try to comfort them. Me & my silly promises, what was I thinking? :)

Glad you got to start the wk so rested. Cute pics too!

Mandy said...

San Antonio is only and hour from me...I have always wanted to hang out with outhr twin moms like that (love my girls but we all need a break every now and then)

Suzanne said...

awwww!!!! how cute are you twin mama girlies!?!?!!! awesome shirts. SOOOOO glad that you had such a great time. finding your own group and getting together with other ladies who have similar "life situations" is so therapeutic and refreshing, right?!!! and san antonio, no doubt, is such a fun place to play!

love you so much. good luck to all of you fine women, now that reality sets in to a week of mommy duty again. (that is the hardest part of these mama trips! ha)

hugs and much love!

Britni Key said...

Ditto! I feel the same and love love loved spending the weekend with you gals! Look forward to seeing you real soon.

amy said...

Great post! Had a FABULOUS time! What a blessing to have found you girls. Love you! Call me- let's get our zoo date on the calendar! :)

Anonymous said...

Ugh! I really missed out, didn't I?! I'm so glad y'all had a good time! And I'm already looking forward to next year's trip, but we'll get togther long before that!

Hannah said...

great post! loved getting to hang out and love you girls!

Celeste Smith said...

What fun! So glad you got to do this! You definitely need all the down time you can get!

Shelley said...

I had SUCH a great time! I feel so lucky to have met all of you. Thanks for rolling the dice and inviting me. HA- Kidding. Love you and can't wait to see you soon!

Janet said...

Very cool! I'm so jealous of your trip right now!!

Anonymous said...

Seriously got chill bumps reading this. I think because i konw what its like to have those friends who you know were put in your life for a reason adn you love them dearly and hate being away from them!
You guys are precious! Looked great in your shirts! So glad you ladies got to relax! LOVE YOU