Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas part 1 with Aunt Becca!

Every year I work for my dad for a week during the end of the year. This year my college roommate Aunt Becca came to visit and watch the girls while I went to work. It was so nice to be able to leave my girls and know they were in good hands, and I knew they would have a GREAT time with her! Even one morning I heard Madelyn start coughing in her room and went in to find that she was throwing up…Becca was great, along with my mom and they took care of everything so I could still go to work! I hated leaving but knew that they could handle it. She only threw up once but was super tired the rest of the day.

When no one was sick Becca and the girls had a great time!

Kinley having fun swinging with!

(it was so bright, her eyes are closed in every picture)



Madelyn cheesing for the camera!IMG_2328

Kinley being shy as usual!


Chris was gone one evening so Becca and I decided to load the girls up and go look at Christmas lights.

All loaded and ready to go!


Madelyn looking at the lightsIMG_2340

Kinley would get SO excited at the lights!


We started out strong but this is what happened pretty quickly!



Becca brought presents for the girls and like usual she spoils them!! The girls weren’t sure of what to do with presents at first. (this were the first presents of the season, they got the hang of it pretty fast)

IMG_2304 IMG_8164


Shirts she got the girls…they LOVE spending time with her! I think she might like spending time with them too!!!IMG_2316 One last picture with Aunt Becca and their new dolls!! (this was the best we could get of them)


Thank you so much Becca for coming and loving my girls like they were your own! We love you so much and can’t wait to see you again.

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Janet said...

Cute! I love watching your girls grow! They are getting big and cuter everyday!