Friday, January 14, 2011

Our Family pictures

Here are a few of our pictures from our two photo shoots with Hannah Vickers (friend and fellow twin mom too) She is amazing with our girls and we are so thankful for her and what all she has done for us. I just wish we lived closer so I could use her more often…like for our two year old pictures! Chris who is a photographer too enjoys not taking pictures of the girls…they don’t do as well for him!

Here they are! (the ones of just the girls are in a previous post)

IMG_2768 IMG_2788 IMG_2897 IMG_2909 IMG_2716 copy

IMG_6764 IMG_6956 copy IMG_7001 copy IMG_6936 IMG_6873 IMG_7043 copy IMG_6782 IMG_7079 copy2 IMG_7052

Hope you enjoyed! Happy Friday!


Holly said...

Wow! I wish I had the problem of too mant good ones to choose from. They all look amazing!!!

Janet said...

Wow! Great pictures! I love all the candid shots! I think the black & white one is my fav! ADORABLE!

Anonymous said...

LOVE 'em ALL! Your girls are so smiley these days :)

amy said...

LOVE! Hannah is awesome and your fam is beautiful! Love you!

Hannah said...

Your girls are SO much fun and adorable! I love taking pictures of them.