Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas Part 2

I am finally getting around to posting the rest of Christmas! Christmas Eve we had my parents, my little brother and Chris’s mom over to eat and just hang out. We also usually watch a Christmas Movie. The girls (mostly Kinley) were restless so Poppy decided to take them on a walk in the Wagon to look at Christmas lights, Which they normally LOVED to do this year.

All ready to go! See how happy Kinley is?! Ha.


They LOVE going on walks in their wagon.


Madelyn showing Poppy something


Kinley with Grandma, she was unhappy most of the evening. IMG_8175Maddie Moo!

IMG_8177 YAY, she finally cheered up!


After everyone left and the girls were tucked into bed, Chris and I got to work. It is soo much harder being on this side of Christmas than I thought…Thanks Mom for all those years of perfect Christmas’s mornings!

After Santa came! yes Santa brought them Luggage!


The girls were actually scared of coming into the room at first. I don’t know why except maybe they were scared of all the new stuff in the room.

Kinley was the first to come in! IMG_8185

I think it was because she spotted the Dora doll. She is OBSESSED!


Madelyn finally decided to join in!


Getting into it.

IMG_8188 IMG_8189

Madelyn playing with her new “laptop” (notice Kinley is holding the Dora doll in every picture)


After Christmas at our house we headed over to Mimi and Poppy’s for Christmas with them. We have all our Christmas in one day…it makes for a CRAZY day but that is what we have always done!

Madelyn playing with her new Magna Doodle


Their Dollhouse from Mimi and Poppy….THEY LOVE PLAYING WITH THIS

IMG_8200 Then we hurried back to our house for naps then lunch with my Mom’s side of the family!

Playing with Uncle Andrew


Madelyn sharing a moment with cousin David


Both wanting poppy to hold both of them.

Mimi and Aunt Cathy in the background IMG_8212

Then that evening we headed to My Aunt and Uncles for Christmas evening with my Dad’s family. We forgot our camera so this is the only picture we have there and the only one of all of us…That is my new year’s resolution to take more pictures of all of us together.


The girls were SOOO much fun this year during Christmas it made it so much fun to see Christmas through their eyes. Everytime they see a Santa they still say HOHOHO!


Kristi H said...

Looks like Santa was loaded up with Dora dolls and laptops this year! So glad you all had a great one! (LOVE that doll house!)

Janet said...

Cute photos! My girls do the same Ho HO HO thing everytime they see Santa. I have a feeling we will still be watching Barney's Christmas in July. I wish that dvd would break!

Following HIM said...

Santa sure was good this year! LOVE the girls' expressions and sweet smiles.

Hannah said...

I love love love their chairs! So cute! Looks like you guys had a great Christmas!