Monday, October 24, 2011

Letter D

Week D was full of DANDY things to do! Sorry I couldn't resist!

When you are learning the letter D you have to have a trip to Krispy Kreme to watch them make DOUGHNUTS!

The girls really enjoyed getting to watch the DOUGHNUTS crawl go across the assembly line.
And of course getting to eat them
and the cute hats they got to wear!
I put paint inside a ziploc bag and they learned how to write the letter D

This was fun for a long time, We might have to do this again!
Later that week we watched DINOSAUR Train and learned about DINOSAURS. (pretty sure we watched DORA too)
Our Letters this week were DINOSAURS

I found these googly eyes and listening to the girls, you would think that these were the best thing ever!
Of course we had to go feed the DUCKS for D week!

We also couldn't forget about Wilbur the DONKEY!!! The loudest DONKEY in the world.

The girls talk about him for DAYS after we have seen him!

Kinley was scared to feed him but Madelyn did. (My camera died while we were there) :(
D week was DELIGHTFUL!!!


Anonymous said...

CUTE!!! When are you doing "H" ??? I have an idea... visit the HUTTON HOUSE! ;)

Anonymous said...

awww I loved it! I love wilbur too! <3 <3 You do such a great job liz.

Jessica P.