Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The trip of unfortunate events...and ALOT of fun!

One of our FAVORITE babysitters Cheyanne, was wanting to go see her family in Arkansas. We talked about it and decided that I would take her and go visit my fellow twin mama friend Kristi at the same time!
We were all packed and ready to go around naptime, totally planned that one!

After driving about 3 hours the girls were getting hungry and needing a potty break. Like any good mom I stopped at McDonald's...ha!
We were in the store for maybe 15 minutes, walk out to the van and it wouldn't start. I panicked and called my Dad, cause let's face it...I could have called Chris who would have told me to call my Dad! He said best case it was by battery or worse case it might be my alternator. So I needed a jump and to drive to a repair place. Ha, it was Sunday evening at this point, who was going to be open. After getting a man to jump me who was NOT at all glad that his wife volunteered him to help. We drove out to hopefully find a place, luckily Wal-mart has a automotive department that is open to 7 on Sundays. I have NEVER been so glad to see a Wal-mart. They tested my battery and decided that I just needed a new battery. So after gladly giving them 100 dollars (I might have paid anything) we were on our way! We finally got there after what seem to be forever!

I woke up before my anyone and decided to take a shower before we had to leave to take Cheyanne the rest of the way...I walked into the bathroom to see this...
My lip was so SWOLLEN. (I can't beliveve I am posting this HORRIBLE picture of me, with no makeup.) It looked worse in person! And no I am not sticking my lip out at all! It lasted almost the entire time I was there. So not many pictures of me! After Dropping Cheyanne off I remember thinking ahh, I can relax the rest of the time and just enjoy my time...wrong! After meeting Kristi in Little rock at Hobby lobby to get supplies for our pinterest craft! I walk out to find a note on my van saying "I witnessed a white Toyota Camry hit your car then drive off" REALLY?!?!?! I couldn't believe it! This was only the first day there, I was a little scared what all could happen before I left!

But, now to the fun stuff!

I have to admit after being in Texas all summer where everything is HOT and all the grass is dead. It was so nice to be in cooler weather and look at green trees and grass!

Lex, K and M playing with Kristi's porch decor

The girls were watching a toddler exercise video...I don't think I have laughed so hard in a while watching them to this!
Madelyn especially was in HEAVEN with all the dress up clothes they had! This mama is going to have to hit up after Halloween sales for Dress up clothes! (notice M and K are in the same dresses, they often chose to dress alike)
Kristi and her girls took us to a super cool park with tunnels! I think from now on my girls will ask to go there every time we go to a park, sorry girls its 6 hours away. They LOVED it!
Lex and Brit are WAY more courageous than Madelyn and Kinley but they still did quite a bit!
I think this is one of my favorite pictures from the week!
Our girls got along great! They loved holding hands wherever we went. At one park we got ask if they were quints and triplets...seriously people there are four of them.
They had this really cool walking bridge over the water. It was so pretty, we wished our Daddy was there with his camera!
Poor Madelyn was just too tired to go on!
We missed naps almost every day. Not to mention my girls are used to always being in a stroller and walked everywhere this week. Considering all that they did pretty good. They were in bed before 7 most days!

Lex and Brittyn started swinging like this...
then of course my younger ones had to copy the big girls!
Poor Ben was outnumbered this week being the only guy in a house of 7 girls...he handled it well!

Reading bedtime stories.
Sweet friends!
We went to this great church that has tubes and things to play with. This is where all of the sudden our luck went bad again.

Madelyn playing with sweet Baby Kinlynn. Seriously a GREAT baby.
Kristi's kids have super human arm strength and have no problem hanging.

Kinley lasted a whopping two seconds.
Madelyn did much better.
but nothing like this...
or this...
It must of been right after this picture, Madelyn started gagging. I knew what that meant and we ran into the bathroom just in time. She threw up and then the diarrhea started.
We thought it might be a one time thing but no it wasn't! She had several more accidents. It got so bad that I even had to go back to diapers for a few days because she couldn't run fast enough. It was so sad anytime I would go to put a diaper back on her she would cry " I big, mama, I big!" it broke my heart, but pull ups are really too big on the girls and it sometimes lets things run out the legs. Gross I know!!!!

She seemed better so we let them play in the water at the park...I think her favorite thing!

This was how we ended everyday...in the bathtub! We usually had 4 very dirty girlies!

This was right before we left all in the SUPER cute shirts Kristi made them!

Of course we add to put Kinlynn into one!

We had a wonderful time playing with our friends. The girls would ask about Lex and Brit every morning for the first couple days of being home. Where my friends mama!? Thank you Kristi, and Ben for letting us three invade your house! Thanks to Kinlynn for letting us stay in her room all week!

The way home was WAY less eventful and I didn't even have Cheyanne to help! Madelyn slept almost 3 hours and Kinley didn't sleep a wink but did fine!

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Kristi said...

Seeing and reading all this again makes me miss you more! We had a GREAT time and wish it wasn't over. Lexyn and Brittyn still bring up Kinley and Maddie and want to go see them! I hate it was so eventful, but we don't really know what an uneventful get together is like! Love ya