Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I was going to wait and do all my Halloween stuff together but I couldn't wait! The girls were peacocks this year. I made their costumes and after putting it off till the week of I finally finished them! I think they turned out great. I usually never end up being happy with anything I make but I have to admit they are cute! HA, sorry a little self promoting! lol

My two pretty peacocks!


They were acting goofy, but can you blame them they were wearing feathers!

Sweet Sisters.

Tail feathers!

Their Cheese faces!


The tutu.

We took this video of the girls today...It CRACKS me up. Madelyn is calling her costume her pretty wings, also listen to Kinley boss Madelyn in the end...oh and a very DONE mama comes up in the end. C'mon moms you get it, Halloween is rough sometimes!

Untitled from Elizabeth Tarrant on Vimeo.

The girls would shake their tail feather anytime you ask them. Actually they got so used to us trying to get them to do it they would just start doing it anytime someone new walked up. Oh the tricks we make our kids do!

Happy Halloween from the Tarrant's!


Celeste Smith said...

Cute costumes!!!!

sara luke said...

Oh my word . . . these are awesome! LOVE the video!

Holly said...

OMH!! For just a second I was wishing my duo were both girls so I could offer you money for those costumes. ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!! I wonder if it would give Kooper a complex?!? ;)

Suzanne said...

Adorable Liz!

Britni Key said...

Just adorable! I had that idea last year, but couldn't find any cute costumes and didn't want to take the time to make. I bet they had a ball with those feathers and they look like such big girls with their hair pulled back. Give em a squeeze from A&C.

Anonymous said...

Cutest.costumes.ever! I cracked up at the video... very familiar around here! :) BTW: Alex asked about Maddie-Kinley today! And how long has it been?!