Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sorry for the delay!

To say things have been crazy it our lives, might be an understatement...In the grand scheme of things not a huge deal but it shook our world for a bit! It all started the week of Thanksgiving.

Chris's mom was going to be in Austin having Thanksgiving with his brother, so we had it the weekend before with her. We had dinner out. 

Kinley with Grandma.

Madelyn, not sure what this silly face is that she is making.
So Thanksgiving morning...Kinley started SCREAMING at 5:00 am. I went into their room and she told me she didn't feel good and needed to go to the doctor (not sure where she got this) I picked her up and she was BURNING up. Pretty soon Madelyn started waking up, I decided we might as well go ahead get up since I figured there wasn't a lot more sleep going to be going on.. So the girls and I made a pallet on the floor and watched Monsters Inc. Pretty sure Kinley after having medicine was the only one that went back to sleep.

After Kinley slept till almost 10 we watched the parade while everyone was getting dinner ready.

Kinley and Poppy
The girls LOVED watching the parade. The only thing that they didn't love was when the commercials or the announcers would come and talk.

Maddie sat like this the entire time.

Poor Madelyn didn't want to stay up for lunch she was so tired due to her sister's wake up call!

she decided to lay on the couch instead.

Good family and good food!

Later that night, I went BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING!!! I went with several of my friends that I have gone with before and took Suz, Ashley, Elayna and my mom shopping for the first time! We had fun and didn't come home till around 8 AM.
Our loot! (sorry picture is from my phone)

And this is where the story takes another turn...The girls and I decided to go visit my family in Oklahoma with my parents. We took my van because it's just easier with the carseats. My family has land/ranch and several members of my family were there for the Thanksgiving. My camera died the first day we were there...the girls LOVED getting to play with cousins and I really wish I would have gotten pictures of that.

On Sunday my dad and I went off to look around, when we came back we were greeted with some bad news. My cousin had hit my van with his BIG truck...

This was the text I sent Chris saying "look at our van, we weren't in it and are fine!"

Basically in about 10 minutes we had changed everything about that day. The girls and I were packed in my aunt's car and riding back with her...my poor parents decided that they could drive it home. After putting tarp and lots of Duct tape they drove (very slowly) home. It took a while to get things figured out with insurance but we learned we weren't going to be keeping our van...To say I took the news badly probably would be a under statement. We didn't want to start all over with payments on a new car especially when we weren't planning on it. Plus we brought our babies home in that van. I know probably silly, ok it is silly!!! I know it is. But it was the truth. After the whole sticky situation was settled and we had money for our car and new carseats. Within one day we had found a GREAT GREAT deal on another car and went looked at it and brought it along with carseats! (post about the new car later)

For several weeks we still had our van in our driveway before the wrecker came to get it.The girls called it our boo boo car. At first they kept saying the dog did it. (my cousins dog) and then they changed their story saying that someone kicked it. They are getting pretty good at telling stories.

BYE BYE Swagger wagon! we will miss you!
Hope I didn't bore you to much with our Thanksgiving adventure (more like November adventure) We are hoping for a less drama filled new year! Tons of Christmas posts...along with learning new letters! However we have taken a few weeks off, hoping to get back to "school" next week.

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