Tuesday, January 24, 2012

December Happenings!

So like everyone's December ours was full with lots of fun things...We headed to Austin to see Uncle Clint and Aunt Andrea during the holiday season and also be there for Chris Birthday! He turned 30 this year so it was a big birthday, he tried to think of something crazy to do but couldn't think of much. He had already gone Sky-diving.

We also took our Christmas Card pictures there, we just love Austin for places to take pictures! We took them at The Domain, which is an outdoor mall. They had lots of Christmas things going on that weekend. The girls loved it.

The balloon artist...the girls still ask for their balloons (which popped the next day)
We visited Zilker park and saw their "Holiday tree of lights". It's over a 155 feet tall!
Madelyn, looking at the lights!
Kinley with Andrea

We took the girls to see their first official movie (other than summer movies that cost a dollar and you can walk out of, lol) The Muppets!!!
They didn't do all that well. I think Chris and I probably would have left had the other one said let's go. We battled it out till the end (sort of) I think they would have done better at a cartoon movie. plus they are too tiny to keep the seats down.

We had our annual Christmas Aunt Bucket visit and like always she spoils the girls. Forgive the girls attire...it was either early or we were having a Pj day! Kinley is also wearing shoes over her jammies.
They get sidetracked while opening presents!
and the shoes on the wrong feet. 
The girls were REALLY excited about this present...DRESS UP!
Aunt Bucket with the girls. 

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