Tuesday, January 17, 2012

25 Days of Christmas

This year since the girls were unto Christmas so much more than in the past (you know the other two...ha) I decided to do something Christmasy every day leading up to Christmas. I didn't get pictures of everything but there are a few!
Somedays it was small things and somedays it was bigger things...(in no order)

1. listened to Christmas Music
2. watched a Christmas Movie
3. Rode Polar Express
4. We got new ornaments for the tree.
5. wrapped presents

6.Eat Christmas Brownies

7.Go Christmas Shopping 
8. Looked at Christmas lights
9. Go to Mimi's to find things in her Advent Calendar.
10. Saw Santa and rode in his wagon (post to come)
11. Going to Holiday in the park.

.12. Making Christmas cookies/baked goods for our friends
13. Opened presents
14.Saw the tree of lights at Zilker park in Austin (post to come)

15. Helped Mimi and Poppy pick out a real Christmas tree.

16. Took Christmas Card pictures

18.Played with window snowman clings (THEY LOVED THIS)

19. Opened Christmas cards.
20. Santa came! (Post to come)
21. Left cookies for Santa and reindeer food for the reindeer(post to come)

We missed a few days but I thought we did pretty good, plus some days we did Christmas things that weren't on our list!

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Celeste Smith said...

R said "my friends!" How fun! We are doing something similar for Valentines Day!