Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sleepover times 6

Back in January the girls were BEGGING for Sav to spend the night. They had spent the night with her recently but it had been a LONG time since she had spent the night at our house. We decided to give them the whole night off and take them all! Can I just tell you first of all...I love these kids. They are so well behaved. Despite what their mom may say ;)

The girls little play room is full with 6 kids...but they had a great time.

The poor boys found the only three cars we own in about 3 seconds.

Sweet Benny, I hope my girls fight over this catch some day. Such a sweetheart!

How many kids can we cram around a mixer to make cookies.

I thought I might regret letting them decorate cookies...but we had an absolute blast!
Some of our "master pieces"

Drew and Ethan.

They all loved to just pour the bottle over on the cookie...Hey that is what Auntie Liz is for!

I THINK there might be a cookie under all that...check out that face she was upset there was no more. Um, check the plate Maddie! 

The aftermath...Chris says next time we need to get Shiloh to come clean up the floor. lol
Watching a movie...Kinley and Drew (I think/hope)

Madelyn, Sav and Ben.

Eating dinner and our YUMMY cookies.

At first we put them all in the same room. They were so happy to be together. That lasted about 30 minutes. Then we put the girls in the play room.

We cannot wait to do it again. My girls are absolutely obbessed with the quads and talk about them all the time.



Anonymous said...

I have followed the Steece Quads for a LONG time and I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with you handling ALL of the kids at once!

You are a great "Auntie" and your birthday party for the twins was AMAZING!!!

Lindsey Stokes said...

This looks like such a blast and no rest for mom all wrapped in one package. The look on the girls faces in that last pic says it all though!

Suzanne said...

hilarious!!!!!!!!!! wow, that's a LOT of kids! lol. auntie liz and uncle chris are freaking amazing. thank you thank you thank you! love you guys.

the cookie pics made me cringe and laugh. esp, the one of maddie and the plate of pink sprinkles! omg. hilarious.

love you so much!