Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Big girls!

So a few weeks before the girls birthday we decided to move the twins into big girl beds. Madelyn was climbing into Kinley's bed and I was getting nervous about her getting hurt. Hey, almost 3 years old, we had a pretty good run I believe!!! Mommy thought she might get a little teary eyed when  we took a few last crib pictures. The girls were TOTALLY not in the mood for a shoot so this was the best we got!

Since potty training I think this was a transition I was the most TERRIFIED of. We have been blessed with wonderful sleepers who go to sleep on their own and sleep in till after 9. We talked it up for over a week. We got new bedding that we called their big girl bedding. They seemed very excited to be "getting" big girl beds. They watched as the beds got transformed into toddler beds. I didn't even cry! Ha. I actually haven't cried really during transitions...yet!!!


Giving Sissy night night Kisses


Here is a video of the girls a few days after we made the BIG switch. It really shows their true selves. A chatty (imaginative) little girl and one OCD need things my way little girl   so Kinley refers to a Grandpa and a brother...non of which she has. She has a Poppy and my granddad we call Granddaddy. That is who we figure she is referring to.

I have to say that my girls did AMAZING at nighttime. They would lay down and just sleep. It is great! I know some of you mom's are rolling your eyes. Nap time however is usually a different story. We on a REGULAR basis they nap in peapods. I really think if they didn't share a room we wouldn't have a problem.


Herbert said...

What a cute little girl. . .

Kristi said...

I love that video. I watched it several times when you posted it on facebook and now I have watched it 4 times on here. I just laugh the whole time. I miss those sweet imaginative and OCD girls!