Sunday, May 13, 2012


When the girls turned three, we lost ECI services. As much as we were glad to have less appointments (every other week we had three people coming for appointments) We sure miss our therapists! Sometimes ECI was stressful but we could totally see how much it helped both girls.

Since the girls have never been on the charts for weight, we had a nutritionist come twice a month. This started pretty late so we didn't have her all that long but we loved her from the beginning!

Leslie with the girls!

She even brought the girls AMAZING cupcakes on their last visit!

The very next day we had to say goodbye to our two other therapists. They just happened to overlap by about 10 mins that day.

Kinley, Rachel (developmental therapist), Madelyn, Heather (speech)
These two ladies have been with us the longest. Heather has seen Madelyn for Speech since they were about 18 or so months. She helped us figure out the whole fluid on Maddie's ears and was helpful when both of the girls got tubes. Heather we miss seeing you!!!

Rachel wasn't always our therapist. We had about three before her, in a very short amount of time. From the first day Rachel came to our house we all fell in LOVE with her. She could get the girls to do WAY more than any of the other therapists could. The girls would scream "Rachel" anytime the doorbell would ring. They still asked about her for a LONG time after she didn't come anymore. I know they still remember her and miss her! Rachel we miss you soooooo much!!!

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