Monday, May 14, 2012


This Easter was so fun with the girls this year. They were so excited about the Bunny and egg hunting. The night before Easter as I was shutting their door, Chris walked in. I had just told them they had to go to sleep so the Easter Bunny would come. We have wood floors so you can really hear footsteps, Chris started "hopping" down the hallway. Then knocked on their door. They are convinced that the Easter Bunny knocked on their door.

They were so excited to see what the bunny brought!

The Easter bunny hit up the dollar spot at Target!

They loved this silly glasses the most

Pictures before church

Sweet sisters!
Everyone asks how do we get the girls to act so well in pictures...we always have a bunch that look like this!

We have got to get better about making Chris get in a picture too!
The girls and I

Kinley and Madelyn

The girls were so excited about hunting eggs for about five minutes. Our church does our egg hunt across the street at the park. They were way more excited about the slides!

noticing the playground!

Our sweet friend Tatum!

River hugging Kinley and K being shy...this is her all the time! Silly girl!

I just thought this was a cool pic!

My WONDERFUL cousin Elayna!

As soon as the last picture was snapped it started raining...just in time! It pretty much rained the rest of the day. We were glad we had already gotten in our egg hunt! Next year the girls need to collect more candy!!!

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Leah said...

Love that lacy dress! And the girls' dresses were adorable!