Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Family forever!

I know I have not blogged in FOREVER. I have no excuse other than we have been busy. ;) So I bet you are wondering what would bring me out of hiding...must be pretty important, huh? Ha, well it is something CLOSE to my heart. A while ago Chris's brother and his wife told us they were going to adopt. They realized that this was the way they were going to become a family.

Some of you know and some don't, I was adopted. I was two days old when my parents got me. Its all I have ever known and my parents have always been open and honest about it all with me. I had a closed adoption and have never really felt the need to find out more. All that being said I mainly wrote this blog because I always want my girls to know where I come from, and this blog is for them. Also they are getting a new cousin hopefully soon as well!!!

We are super super excited for them and are excited to watch all this unfold! They are currently having a fundraiser going to raise money for the initial process of their adoption. Here is the link, again I didn't write this blog for you to donate (although I am sure they would appreciate any help) I really felt like this was the perfect time for me to tell my story to my girls to explain to them what a loving thing their Mimi and Poppy did for me all those years ago. Now while I am sure I would have gone to another loving family had it not been my parents that got me. I am SURE I am with the right family.

only picture of all of us that I had on this computer!

 God, has a funny way of doing that. I can't even count how many times I get told how much I look like my brother (who they had biologically) and my mom. Just the other day I walked into the bank and the clerk said..."are you Debi and Alfred's daughter'? I said yes, she immediately said, of course I can see it in your eyes...Um, ok! I love it!  Also I was placed in a family that had twins too! How cool is that?! I love that I have that bond with them too!

I know that I will have a special bond with my new niece and nephew, and I so look forward to that. They will be in the right family as well!

If you want to check  out their story click here! I am sure they would love any kind of support you can give whether financial or just thoughts and prayers!


Anonymous said...

How very special that they r going to adopt! My twin sister and I we're adopted, too;-) I love seeing the amazing family that God picked out just for us! So neat. When we were in high school my sister was working at a grocery store and a customer told her that she looked very familiar...he asked her if she knew of his from high school Pete Long...my twin said, "yes, that's's my uncle." He said u look like his sister Cindy(our mom) in high school. (This was 20years later). Hope that made sense;-). Have fun with ur new niece/nephew when meet them! Tammy

Sandra said...

I visited your blog a few weeks ago and there are a thing that i don't understand. Why one of your twins (Kinley, i think) have more thin face, her face is more thin too, is more high, more pretty, and have more beautiful smile than the other twin. The weight and height is understandable. But the face? :s
It's so strange o_O

Kendall said...

I think Kinlee looks like her mom, and has her mom's gummy smile. Also, she may have a shunt in her head for the hydrocephalus, that could be why her forehead and head is so much larger than other girl. So yeah, a medical condition is nothing to make fun of. Either way, they both are adorable girls and very much loved by their parents.