Thursday, August 30, 2012

Meet the teachers!

Ok, I am really trying to stay current...Im behind but thought I would just start fresh and work in a few past things when I can!

The girls are starting SCHOOL!!! We are so excited about it and about all the new things the they will learn. They are over the top excited, both girls talk about it DAILY. Madelyn asks EVERY morning if school is open yet!

We had meet the teacher on this Tuesday, we decided we wanted the girls in different classes. It is going to be hard I think at first but know it's the best thing for them.

At Meet the Teachers

Playing in Madelyn's Classroom
Madelyn has two sets of other twins in her class and one is actually named Madeleine. She is so excited about all the fun toys in her class. 

Kinley jumping right into all the fun things to do!

After we left meet the teacher the girls and I went shopping for a back to school gift for their teachers. Each girl has two teachers. So with a little bit of creativity, help from pinterest, and Suz(she is walking me through all this new school stuff. Thanks girl!) We came up with a Back to school survival kit...I think it turned out cute!

I got the boxes at Wal-Mart in the bead section for CHEAP and hello dollar spot at Target!

Cute Sayings for each thing...Some of them I had to STRECH

The girls were SOOO proud to be making something for their teachers. Madelyn kept bringing me pictures she would draw for her teacher.

All ready for the first day!!!


Jennifer said...

You are amazing. The girls teachers are going to love the gifts, love you and most of all, love the girls. And can I just say that they are SO stinkin' cute! Love all their gear with their names. You win the mom of the year award.

Melody Forest McKee said...

So cute! I may have to steal the teacher gift idea. ;)

Anonymous said...

It looks like the beginning of a great school year! And I have to say, i'm loving the girls' little hair bows :) My daughter is into headbands (but I may need to try a couple of bows)! Lots of luck this school year!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea, the teachers will love those thoughtful gifts! Those dresses are too cute!

Anonymous said...

Um, Wow! You've got it together, school momma! You'll have to give me lessons when my girls decide that school is cool!

jessica said...

First off, what a fantastic idea for the teachers! Awesome! I think its great that you are separating the twins for school. They really need to have their own identity and develop individuality of their own. I know its cute at times, but perhaps you can start dressing them differently sometimes too, so they can experience some individuality?

Jessica D said...

I LOVE the teacher survival kit. I pinned it so I'll remember when my little guy starts school! Love your blog and your girls are adorable!

Celeste Smith said...

Love the teacher idea....might be stealing that!