Friday, February 22, 2013

Pre Birthday Partying!

Ok, so if you know me you know that I USUALLY have parties for the girls and usually LOVE planning them. Well this year I decided to scale back, for a couple reasons. 1. Kids parties can be a lot of work and drama. LOL 2. they are expensive, and we are wanting to take our first official family Vaca to Disney this year!!! We went on a cruise but that was with 50 other people! (side note, it was the same boat that was left stranded eeekk!!) Anyways so trying to save a little green! But don't worry I think this way the girls actually got more partying in...

Our church is sooo small and more like family we did a little mini party with their bible class. 

I also let them pick a "theme" my friends are laughing because they know this was hard no matter how small..;)

 They only have little girls in their class so Minnie mouse was PERFECT!!!

So four years ago when I was pregnant with the girls I was supposed to have a shower on the 7th (Ended up being the girls bday) but things changed. My college roommate was supposed to come up to celebrate with me at the shower but when I was admitted to the hospital she just came up for the day to visit. She left around 4 and about 6 it was decided that the girls were coming that night. She always says she hates that she didn't stay or come back once she found out they were coming. She lives about 4 hours away. Basically she has come every year since on or around their birthday to make up for it!!

 Minnie mouse cupcakes with Oreos!!!

This is Dan, he is our officially birthday guy at our church. His grandkids call him DanDad and he loves my girls so much they get to call him that too! We love our DanDad! I grew up with his kids. They were my second family! 

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Nita Digirolamo said...

Ooh! Your girls were really lovely wearing their Miney Mouse-inspired outfits. Well, even though that it was just a small celebration, I can tell that your twins and everyone invited enjoyed the party very much. The twins don't need to have a grand celebration in order to have fun. You know, kids get happy and satisfied even with a small party like this. :)