Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Enamel Hypoplasia-preemie teeth

I have struggled with writing this blog because well...It isn't a fun blog to write. It has been a MAJOR event in our lives that I need to write about plus I had never heard much about it. If it helps one mom not feel bad about things that are out of their control its worth it. I have really struggled with feeling guilty.

I have taken the girls to the dentist since they were tiny. We went to a different dentist when they were babies and never had ANY problems. In fact the only thing negative that was ever said was "Madelyn's teeth are a little tight and might need braces when she is older"

I had noticed a spot on both girls BACK tooth and decided it was time to go back. I don't know what made me switch dentists but I did. To say I LOVE our new dentist would be an understatement. I am 100% happy with the move!

It had been 7 months since their last visit and so I made an appointment. They got me in QUICKLY because they had several openings on HALLOWEEN. Can't imagine why no one would want to go to the dentist on halloween. ;) I only have this one picture because the rest got erased when I updated my phone.

All ready for the Dentist 
Basically to make a long story a little shorter...they basically have enamel hypoplasia which some people call preemie teeth because it happens to preemies a lot. 

From knowyourteeth.com 

Even though they do not have any teeth yet, prematurely born babies can expect to have dental complications as they grow older.

About 6 percent of babies are born before their due date and below 7.2 pounds, and of these, up to 70 percent will have enamel hypoplasia when their teeth erupt, according to a 2000 study. Enamel hypoplasia causes teeth to appear brownish and less smooth, as well as to be softer and more prone to decay or chipping.

She explained that sometimes when there is a trauma in the last 3 months of pregnancy it can halt enamel growth. You know like not having the last two months of pregnancy. ;) We are fairly luckly as far as the brownish spots or discolored teeth go but the decay not as much. 

Both girls were going to require a cap and a some fillings. Because they are so young they like them to be asleep (IV sedation) Both girls are under 30 pounds so they like to do it in a hospital. Which is fine except with all that it was going to cost us over $12,000! After the dentist saw that she decided that since the girls were over 3 (and just small) and they have had surgery before that she felt 100% ok to do it in office. We just had to pay for an anesthesia team to be there. So not the cheapest thing ever but MUCH better than $12,000. 

We decided to do the girls on different days which looking back on it, I wonder if we should have bit the bullet and done both at the same time. Madelyn's teeth seemed worse so she was up first. 

Madelyn acting a little loopy after the funny juice to calm her down. 
Getting an IV
Madelyn did GREAT and there wasn't any surprises once they got in there. Such a blessing it wasn't worse than they thought. The last thing Madelyn asked for before she went under was Sav and the first thing she asked for was Sav. She LOVES her BFF! 

On the way home...

Up next was Kinley...I have to admit we took a lot more pictures of Kinley. 1. Because the anesthetist had car trouble so they had to send another one and that took an hour so we had more time and 2. Super nervous about it the first time but much more laid back the second time. 

A little one on one time with Mommy and Daddy while waiting

Kinley getting a little loopy after the juice

This is how Dada passed the time...that silly phone!!! 

At least he shared a LITTLE

`  They will always look so little with all the tubes. 

Resting afterwards.  

Kinley did fine during surgery also but once they got in there they didn't see anything else wrong but noticed her Hypoplasia is pretty bad. ;( We will always just have to be super super careful. The dentist said to REALLY limit their sugar intake esp. chocolate milk and juice. She said they are kids and to let them be kids and have treats but to watch it. 

I have always brushed their teeth and been good about that. Now however I feel like that is all we do. We are constantly brushing, flossing, mouthwash...repeat! I really hope that with watching sweets and better brushing hopefully we can be great next time! 


Dental Implants In Woodland Hills said...

This is truly an inspiring story and put things into perspective for me. thanks for sharing this story

Janet said...

Thanks for sharing! We've been "warned" about this as well. I know that "guilt" feeling all too well.

Da young Neun said...

Poor little girls! so tiny and with so many tubes...