Sunday, January 5, 2014

First day of school!

The girls started their second year of preschool this year. WoW, Kindergarden is next year. I know people say this all the time but holy cow I can't believe they are almost 5!!!!! Jeez, my heart hurts a little, not gonna lie. 

I LoVE this picture it shows their personality so much. 

My Kinley girl

Maddie patty
The day before girls had meet the teacher! The girls got a little overwhelmed again this year. Started talking about wanting their sister in their class. Always a little hard to hear as their mom but it works well for us to be in different classes! 

Madelyn with her class mascot! 

 Kinley with hers!

 Madelyn with her bestie!! They are pretty close to inseparable in class. 
 Making little teacher survival kits...bless them! 18, 4 year olds!!
 Daddy got to come drop the girls off with us before heading to work! The girls were so excited!

We are completely blessed by the school the girls go too. We LOVE it. So glad we got to go there 2 years. I am a little sad we can't next year! :(


Holly said...

I love when I see your name pop up on my blog that you updated! ;) The girls sure are growing up! You should be one proud mama! XOXO!

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