Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our Easter!!!

I am so far behind in blogging that I thought I would just start at Easter and go backwards. This is mostly just pictures!

Our Easter this year was so different from any other year because we had two little additions that we didn't have last year. I have not totally gotten used to getting them ready and myself for church yet so this Sunday was even harder because we really all had to look our best!!!

Madelyn waiting for her mommy to dress her!

After the girls were fed and dressed we let them see what the Easter bunny brought them. They have bibs on because I knew if I didn't do that there was no point in their Easter dress. They got a little lamb and a little Easter bucket because let's face it...They had no idea whats going on!!!
Kinley on the left and Madelyn on the right!

MadelynAfter we were all dressed and ready to go we headed to church. It was great to be normal and get to go out like a normal family. After services and classes, we had an easter egg hunt. It was raining so everything was inside. So hard to find eggs on pews!!! As most of you know Chris is the youth minister at our church and the youth group is in charge of hiding eggs.

One of the great girls in our youth group. Cheyanne. She has been so helpful to Chris and I. Her and another girl named Jera even came over and helped me finish the girl's room before they were born!

Cheyanne and Jesika! We love you guys so much! It's a lot of fun seeing them all love our Kinley and Madelyn! I love that our girls have them to look up too.

After the egg hunt it was picture time with the girl's "cousins". It's a whole other post to explain. Let's just say we all love each as much as family. All of them have always called me Aunt Liz and call Chris, Uncle. We love them just like they were really our nieces and nephews!

Christopher holding Madelyn and Lily holding Kinley. There is supposed to be a another little boy inbetween them, Issac, but he isn't sure if he likes the babies or not. He is only four.

Lily looking at Kinley. She is so sweet to the girls and so helpful. She is going to make a wonderful big sister! Her mom is having a baby later this year!! Madelyn and Kinley are so excited to have a little playmate coming!!! Ok, Aunt Liz is super excited too.

Our Family!The girls in our Easter duds!
The really cute bows the girls have on were made by my new friend, Amber. She has made the girls so many cute things. I will post pictures of the way cute outfit she made. We took their two month pictures in them. Overall we had a great Easter with friends and Family.

In other news I am sick this week so pray the girls don't get sick!! We were told at their last appointment that we could drop a night feed. So.... We fed them at midnight and waited to see how long they would sleep. They are now sleeping to almost five!!!!! Well most of the time. We will take it!!!



Ashhog said...

What church is he a youth minister at?

Love the girls dresses!!

Suzanne said...

such sweeeeet sweeeeeet pics of those beautiful girls! so glad you finally get to go to church with them! (we completely understand wanting to "FEEL" normal!) love you so much and hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear you are sick. We sure will pray the girls don't get it. Every night Amiya asks who is sick so she can pray for them. You're on the list! They looked absolutely precious in their dresses and bows.

Stephanie said...

What a great post! (except that you are sick!)
Love the family picture, the ones in their vribs, heck..I loved them all!
Glad you were able to go to hurch as a family!!

scdnkrd said...

Elizabeth, You dressed you and the girls all up for Easter, and made it there, and had no disasters or poops!!!! WOW!!!! YOU ARE A SHE-RA MOM!!!!!!!
I am so so sad I missed it.
Love you all so so much!