Monday, April 27, 2009

Birth Story, Part !

It all started on a Friday, I was having my usual weekly appointment. I was in my 33rd week and my feet and ankles had been swelling like crazy!

A few days before my appointment!

While waiting I kept telling Chris how nervous I was. I didn't know why but I felt like something bad was going to happen this visit. They weighed me and
I had gained ten pounds in one week. I knew that wasn't good paired with my swelling. We went into the room and the nurse took my blood pressure....not good either. She measured me and I was measuring like I was 42 weeks pregnant with one. After what seemed like forever, I figured my doctor would come in and say "well, you need to be on bed rest" I was wrong. She came in and said "you are going to the hospital, we may be singing Happy Birthday tonight or we may not".
I just sat there stunned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What I had a few more weeks!!!!!! I had up to this point a great pregnancy. No problems, only great news. In fact the visit before this one she talked about if I went all the way to 37 weeks.

I started running through everything I needed to do. I asked could I go home and get my bag (not packed). She said no that we needed to get to the hospital. Wow this is not how I had planned it. I was fine until I called my mom...I lost it. I could not stop crying. I was super nervous about everything. I had never been to a hospital as a patient. We get to the hospital and get checked in, get a room. We start calling people, I get really nervous still. They put me on a 24 hr urine test. I could get up and go to the bathroom and that was it. Once I got all settled in, Dr. Walker had ordered that I go ahead and have steroid shots for the babies. I got the first one, in my butt. Let me tell you it stings going in.

My blood pressure was not going down at all. I had some visitors come, and by the end of the night it had not come down so the nurses made everyone leave. They were monitoring the babies off and on all the time and they were doing fine. Although one time they could not find Kinley's heartbeat which made me worry for a while. I could never feel Kinley as well as I could Madelyn.

I was given some sleeping medicine which didn't help. I would have to wake Chris (not easy) up every time I wanted to go to the bathroom to help with all the IV's and wires. Around five in the morning the nurse came in to look at my legs. They decided I need to have an ultrasound on my legs to make sure I didn't have a blood clot. I g
uess because my legs were so swollen, it hurt like crazy while she was pushing on them. I made Chris crawl in bed with me. I'm such a baby.

So many things were going through my head. Were the babies going to be ok, was I going to be ok? After the leg ultrasound, they gave me a catheter. That was probably one of the worst things I had done to me while I was there. All this before 7 in the morning. I then called my mommy to come be with me. Yeah, I needed my mommy! I should have mentioned that I had two showers that weekend. I was totally bummed! My friend, Becca who was coming into town for my shower came to visit. I was allowed a few visitors at a time. We had a nice visit while I ate lunch. Sometime after lunch the nurse came in and said basically I was not peeing enough. They were going to give me more IV's and wanted me to drink lots of water. I should say all through out the day Chris and I would text Suz and ask what all the medical terms meant. Should we be worried or not? I don't know what we would have done without her during this whole birth but that is a whole other post!!!
My hospital Room!

Anyways, The nurse comes in and asks if the contractions are bothering me. I was shocked I couldn't feel anything. Not that that is a bad thing!!! The doctor that was doing rounds came in and said that I was in there for the duration of my pregnancy. I had a silly idea I would get to go home...I guess I was wrong. The nurse checked my cervix, I was doing nothing. Overall I was in a moderate amount of pain from just being pregnant and then they kept poking me with everything. The worst part is my Doctor, who I absolutely love was not there. I seriously have the best doctor. I was given one of her partner's that ended up being great too. About five minutes after the nurse hooked me back up to the IV's she came back in and took my water away and said I was having the babies today. Dr. Cornwell came in and told me that I was not peeing enough and was worried about my kidneys and that my blood pressure was not going down. The OR was booked for eight o'clock!!!!!

Ok, Sorry I don't have many pictures. I know we took more I just can't find them. Part 2 has LOTS of pictures!!! Photobucket


Corrie Loftin said...

I'm so glad the twincesses gave you a break long enough to post this! What a nerve racking day that must have been but looks like it ended great with two gorgeous babies! Can't wait for part 2!

Stephanie said...

Yeah!! I was starting to wonder if we were eve going to hear the birth story! lol
Thanks so much for sharing!!
Cant wait for part 2!!!

Kristi said...

That is crazy. I am glad everything turned out good in the end. I had to have those steroid shots in my butt as well, and yes they burn badly going in. I also thought part of the worst part was the stupid cathetar. It hurt so bad but I must say it was very nice to drink tons of apple juice after my c-section and never have to get up and go to the bathroom!!! Thanks so much for part 1 of the birth story. I can't wait to read part 2.

We are the Smith Family said...

Wow girl...I know you were so nervous!!! I had a few of those scares but never had to follow through. I too got the steroid shots and the leg ultrasounds ( hurts) but luckily we went on to 38 weeks. I am so impressed by your strength!!!!!